three days

Published February 12, 2012 by crystalights

a few days ago i was at this

it’s not like a real tent-building camp because we were given rooms in pairs

for a 3 days 2 nights stay, it’s quite comfy, huh?


it was quite well-supported, even the venue for activities weren’t like what students would’ve had back in the old days


makanan pun best.

hidangan ptg yg menarik ^__^

comel kan?



other than the physical infrastructure and food, jom kiter kupas sikit intisari program ni.


program ni diadakan utk pelajar2 skolah yg terpilih dari skolah2 yg dipilih. kirenyer, as far as i know, the students are pelajar2 tingkatan 4 yg dipilih oleh skolah samaada berdasarkan academic performance (yg baik) atau jawatan (yg baik) atau lain2 faktor2 (yg baik?) yg diambil kire oleh skolah masing2.

bottom-line is: they are good students yg baru berusia 16 tahun.


so, what am i doing in a teenage camp?


mstila jd faci. (takkanla jd peserta lg kot. i dh nk msuk 25 ths yr, okay?)

so i was there as a facilitator.


honestly when i first decided to go, i was nervous. and a little bit scared (hahah).
because it’s unlike anythng i’ve ever really been part of before kot.

and i think tujuan program ni sgt besar dan murni. takut jgk klau2 kekurangan diri mencacatkn program secantik ini.


so i got there. met the students. met other facilitators (who were mostly younger than me! i was expecting kakak2 bcause i really am not exactly sure of what to do)

waktu tu teringat istilah “lari dari medan perang” and i thought of how the Quran described jihad qital (berperang) tu sgt menggentarkan. tapi org2 beriman masih di medan dan kepercayaan terhadap janji-Nya dan pertolongan dari-Nya menguatkan keberadaan mereka di situ.


and so i guess..

i know that no matter what i’m already there, i have to make it work. bukannyer aku kene berperang angkat snjata, jst berperang dgn emosi diri dan rasa takut supaye dpt berusaha utk tujuan ini (insyaAllah).


so aku rase, sbg facilitator, i have to facilitate their learning process; and tarbiyyah process. or something like that.


so i went through most of it with them, especially utk slot2 aktiviti dlm kumpulan, discussion and also sesi “refleksi” yg sgt emotional tuh.

i don’t know if a 16 year old can devour the whole thing and walk out as a better person, because the way a teenager thinks may not be the same as an adult.

tapi, wlaupun aku rase ader sikit2 “hiccups” here & there yg sedikit kurang manisnya (sbb anak2 semuda ini mungkin tak begitu mudah memahami tujuan sesuatu jika kaedahnya kurang kemas atau kurang berpadanan), aku tetap rse at least sbhgn drpd pengisian program tu sbnrnye b’tjuan utk memberi input bahawa setiap insan diberi tujuan dan warisan dan ada tugas dan peranan utk dipenuhi.

aku rase dari berbagai jenis pengisian yg ada, insyaAllah ada sikit yg smpai pd anak2 ini, walaupun sekadar ape yg baik dan buruk utk dilakukan atau dihindarkan.


by the end of the whole program, i think i learnt a few things as well.


and i realize that: kerja kita masih byk.

masih byk anak2 yg perlukan perhatian.


sometimes it’s not enough to just save yourself.


sbb kita diciptakan dijadikan se-ummah.

if no one cares, then what will be the ending for our ummah?


even if you breed your lot to be the best, you can never guarantee that they will not be ruined by whatever you’ve left neglected around them.


that is why, it is not enough to save just yourself and what little amount that you want to take care of only, right? your brothers and sisters in this ummah is just as crucial ♦


3 comments on “three days

  • ntah ar weh..why do i think i have a problem witht this kind of program..this is like another typical gathering teenagers around pastuh tell them and put words into their head to make they see life the way we see it..kdg2 yg kat sini punye pon buat cmtu gak, and aku still xagree..aku xsangke ko jadi fasi for this..ingat kan program biase je..

    i do not agree coz i’ve been there and it doesn’t really work all the tyme to be..u makes me feel that adult are weirder than they supposed..when i was 15, there’s this kinda program that push us to the limit in hope of making us realise that we don’t work hard doesn’t work with everyone la weh, this fasi program thingy..

  • of course it doesn’t work the same way with everyone. i’m not saying it’s the perfect remedy for every teenage soul out there.

    mule2 i didn’t know that i’m gonna be 1 of the faci.

    but then i guess i jst did it in my own way. which doesn’t involve forcing things on anyone’s head (i think). and the “emotional” parts and quite a few other main slots wasn’t conducted by me, as a faci i think i ws only facilitating their learning and conveying information je. and help them if they get scared. or a little overwhelmed(?). i think i didn’t even force them to do anything that they did not want.

    honestly, i don’t completely agree with some of the stuff tht happened, but i think this is the speaker/organizer/A.J.K’s own way of doing things kot, maybe they are entitled to their own opinions too. i guess it’s another beginning towards a common goal.

    and everyone has their own way of teaching or preaching.

    yg penting aku yakin aku tak push anyone to the limits (physically or mentally or emotionally) because despite my pre-existing self-conflicts i still have “common sense”.

  • but then again, aku rase ader bhgn2 yg organizer mcm tak expect nk b’laku mcm tu. so aku rse bukanlah salah organizer tu kot.

    maybe we need some form of consultations with teenage experts or counsellors/psychologists to gauge how far is acceptable, for smthng like ths (?)

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