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Published February 22, 2012 by crystalights

i was reading smthng frm muharikah.

and then i guess it got me thinking.


bila kita berukhuwwah kerana-Nya,

bukan ke kita nak menerima dan menyayangi kerana-Nya?


menerima? : YES.

menyayangi? : almost a YES. (hihihi).


aku, bukan org yg senang rasa sayang.

tapi kdg2, ada masenye when i’m with pple for just a short time tapi i find that i care. a lot. about them.


maybe it’s my “mother-complex” or whatever,

tapi kdg2 aku rase aku care (even if it’s in my own twisted way). aku risau nk biarkan these pple on their own kot.


because it’s like a “buggy-bug” world out there. mcm dlm citer “a bug’s life”,

it’s a fight for survival.


what if they got “eaten” before they even learn how to survive?

doesn’t evryone deserve a chance?


i want pple to survive a little, even bfore they know how to survive,


isn’t that ironic?


i can’t move mountains 24/7, 31/12, 365.


no matter what kita semua manusia

sometimes we feel things, even when we don’t want to.

like being upset and forlorn

sometimes you don’t want to be unhappy too


but sometimes

the bitterness and sadness, makes you appreciate the happiness more

makes you appreciate the good times

that perhaps you can do better to feel better.


it isn’t nothing. not to you.

even when you don’t have what you want

or when you feel like you can’t have what you want,

you’ll always have something

perhaps something that someone else wants but couldn’t have too.


i think,

we’ll always have something at some point

because god will never forsake us after creating us the way we are

we are not created in vain


“We created not the heavens and the earth and all that is between them for a (mere) play.”

(Al-Anbiya’: 16)


so even when things don’t really make sense to us now

there has to be something there.

we don’t exactly know what fate has in store for us

but we are not left without anything. at all. to at least hold on to.


apa yg tuhan tntukan utk kita

itulah yg terbaik, walau utk saat2 begini;




ada jalannya.


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