Published March 27, 2012 by crystalights

bile aku takde lesen memandu,

people slalu have to fetch me utk usrah & daurah.

pas tu kene tumpang b’mlm bile hbis lewat bcause i can’t drive back and can’t expect people to be able to drive me back home and then for them to return to where they’re staying again.

pas tu bile ade urusan di bndar, i have to depend on people to send me too.


usrah & daurah tu mknan hati/minda/rohani aku.

aku tk brape dpt mknan mcm tu dlm urusan s’hari2 yg lain.

tak ckup munasabah bagi aku klau aku tk nk pergi usrah tanpa sebab.

tarbiyyah diri yg belum smpurna tak mengizinkan aku lari dari tanggungjawab semudah itu.


so today

i failed my driving test.


regardless of what i feel,

i don’t feel like talking about it.


di ketika ini, aku boleh nampak betape ramai manusia2 yg mcm takde sense nak tau nak tanye everything nak demand for an explanation of why i failed, where/which one i failed, why i have this look on my face, and so on.


mcm biase, people of the world doesn’t particularly choose which time they exhibit their harshness and lack of consideration. and lack of sense and lack of tact. and lack of self-reservation.


because i have huge reasons why i want to pass, i think it’s normal that i feel a huge blow when i don’t.


tak perlu kot aku nak jelaskan ape2. it’s not like you’re in my shoes, you couldn’t possibly understand what i feel and i don’t need you to understand. tak pyh nak ckp ape2. just gimme a break and leave me alone.


i’ll just have to fork out more money and put up with more people who can just freely spit words on my face throughout this whole thing until it’s finally over.




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