work (and) things.

Published April 15, 2012 by crystalights

i have to work because: i’m not a student anymore. (in an official sense of the word).

i studied in school. then completed that. and then studied in that (pre-u) college. and completed that. then university. and another. and then it’s completed. (at least up until that point, that is).

and so here i am now.


with all the time, energy and resources i’ve utilized and consumed,

i can’t just not work. or study. or take care of a family or families. and the people- the ummah.

if i don’t work, but i’m not studying, and i’m not taking care of my family/families and my ummah, then what would i do?

if i do nothing,

what would be my contribution and purpose in life, after all that i’ve taken in order for me to live?


if i’m not a wife who takes care of her family,

and i’m not reaching out to my ummah,

and i don’t want to work,

then would i be content doing nothing?


if i just consume and devour and take and take and never ever give back,

then wouldn’t it be a pity to those who have worked so hard in order for them to be able to give?


so, yes.

of course going to work for the first time on my first real job scares me.

not to mention when you had to move away to a different place because of it.

it’s like “melbourne”: episode 2;

but the difference this time is that i’m not a student seeking for education,

instead i’ll be the one whose job is to educate,



i’m supposed to be a full-time lecturer (insyaAllah),

and (insyaAllah) tomorrow will be my first day.


hanya Allah sebaik2 Penolong.



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