work bits and things.

Published April 17, 2012 by crystalights

so today i went to work (brape kali nak cerite psl work, work, work, nih?)


sometimes talking about impersonal things are easier.



i was sitting on my chair at my table (nk jugak bgtau ada chair at my table: mcmla logic klau tmpat kerja ada table tapi takde chair, duhh~),

smbil cube menyiapkan kerje2 b’kaitan gitu.

pas tu 1 of my colleagues dtg and dgn seronoknyer borak dan ajak mkn ptg.


and dier tanye psl my previous studies kat sane.


sbnrnye, aku tak tau mcmane pulak dier tahu.

smlm mase 1st day pn ader org tanye (padahal aku tak beritahu ape2 pun lg psl tu at that time kt org2 tu).

aku rase, org yg tahu adalah org yg interview aku je (ada 3 org), and then also maybe org yg terlibat dgn dcision utk employ aku.

and then i can’t help but think: i might have to be prepared for what’s to come in response to my teachng method (when i finally start teaching nanti), sbb i think: in some way, news can travel jgk kot, walau mgkin tanpa disedari atau tanpa apa2 niat buruk pun.


takpela, maybe diorg jst nk discuss and kenal2 siape calon pkerja baru waktu tu. so i think it’s ok. kot.



i think i just want to try towards memakmurkan bumi-Nya through this job that has been given to me.



jgnla takut sgt.


klau btul nak try buat sehampir mgkin dgn suruhan-Nya dlm pengajaran dlm kelas nnti,

then jgnla takut sgt.


note to self: jgnla berburuk sangka. you don’t even truly know them, you don’t have the right to jump into early conclusions about them. have a little faith.

hakikatnya, the best thing that could ever happen to any one of us is having the nikmat of iman and islam. and as muslims, every little thing counts, right?


everything has a meaning when you’re a muslim,

because Allah has promised the reward for every good deeds and the reward for every good intentions of performing good deeds.

so everything counts.


jadi jgnla takut sgt.


pull yourself together skit, ok?


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