“not like that”

Published April 28, 2012 by crystalights

just because i don’t share the same views as you,

doesn’t mean i’ve never done teaching before.

and just because i have done teaching before,

doesn’t mean i share the same views as you.


just because i don’t agree with your way of thinking,

doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong or lacking with me.


yes, i am among the younger ones.

okay so i’m younger than you.

and this is my first full time job.

but still, is it logical to disregard what i think in place of your idea of: “they’re not like us”

what is this:

“they’re not like us”,

“they’re not like that”,

“they’re not at that level”, what, WHAT?


this is like you’re putting them into an “excuse mould” as if “that” is what they’re meant to be.

you want to say that they’re just “like that” because of their levels of education performance which is just “like that”. you’re saying it like it’s the most natural thing in the world and that it just happen to be that way.


isn’t that a little degrading?

to insinuate a group of people’s  actual capacity to perform with their previous levels of education performance?


doesn’t everyone have their own fair share of potential?


so why is it when i speak of a different view you quickly ask whether i’ve never done teaching before?

how do you judge whether or not someone has done something, merely based on one session of their different views?


(i can hardly believe i fell asleep last night after that line -___-  ..maybe bcause i’ve been exhausted for a few days and by friday night after everythng, that was it).


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