are you happy now

Published June 18, 2012 by crystalights

these cple of days i guess i kinda felt a little strange.

it could be because it’s nearing tht time of the mnth again, idek.

but it’s weird if u keep listening to adele’s “don’t you remember” rpeatedly and then bawl your eyes out as if you have any idea what love is.

and the littlest things pisses you off like when your friend’s gving you “the look” bcause you’re taking a bit too long choosing the right ice-cream.

and then you feel so annoyed because how could anyone be annoyed at you for carefully choosing an ice-cream?


sometimes i don’t undrstnd why pple don’t care about the little things that could’ve made them happy.

i mean, to have ME as a friend, wouldn’t anyone be happy? hahahah
(even when i do have my moments when i annoy the hell out of pple).

but anyway

no, i mean, wouldn’t you be happy that some pple care about you enough to help you to jannah?

some pple want you to know your deen, and your creator. so that you can learn to love Allah and be loved even more in return. so that there is a place for you to find peace and refuge in, on this earth. and you can also have a place for you in heaven when the time comes for you to go.

so that you can undrstnd that the world isn’t a dead end, and there is a purpose you are created.


so why
is it difficult to be happy?


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