crossed my mind

Published July 13, 2012 by crystalights


since i haven’t written as frequently as in the past

i figured: well, why not write more. now. since i’m on leave and is sitting all nice and comfy at home, heehee.


this isn’t gonna be long, but uh

3 days ago,

i turned 25.

(nak jugak ckp kat blog).



it was pretty much a normal day (except for the birthday wishes and all) i mean, i go to work, i receive messages, i leave work in the evening and bought something sweet to eat and then i go home. end of story.

i don’t party. or tell my friends to come out and entertain me. because i have work the next day, they have work the next day, we all have things to do, we’re adults now; *cough* cough*.



since i’m now a quarter century old, a few things did cross my mind.


but what i wanna say is that:

sometimes, if you think about the past,

everything hurts.


and the rest is open to interpretations.

(i don’t want to share more than what i’ve already written. some thoughts and feelings are private things. if you wanna know what i feel then you go ahead and turn 25).





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