the things that money couldn’t make up for

Published July 13, 2012 by crystalights

i think it doesn’t matter whether or not you drive a fancy car,

have a high position,

and a huge salary to top it all off,

IF you have no idea of what you’re doing. with EVERYTHING.


how can it be that the things that are just like the icing on a cake

is the only thing that is making an impression?

does it matter if the icing looks good if the cake tastes awful?


why would anyone be interested in bad cake?



a black benz is soo clichéd and over-rated as a fancy car.

secondly, bright coloured ties doesn’t necessarily match all the different pastel colours of your dress shirts, even if all your shirts look brand new.

i think that’s the thing.

because they all look so brand new and fully cuffed almost all the time, it’s like you never really got scruffy. you never really seemed like you’re doing something substantial enough for your shirt to at least have a single crease, or your cuff a little undone.

everything’s too clean and polished and tucked in for the rest of the day,

what do you do when you go to work anyway?


oh my god.

i’m being difficult and unfair again.

letting my intuition guide my perception.

but this time, i think it’s not just mere intuition.


i mean, do you know how you talk?

you say things like they mean something when they don’t.

although some people seemed convinced, but i’m not.

i feel like they’re insignificantly unsubstantiated.

it’s like they’re approximations or just random guesses.


and how generous you are with your own meals during working hours.

how you just order what you like and then after you think you’re done you just stop eating and waste food while you expressionlessly talk about people starving in another country.


this is wrong of me and  i don’t mean to look for flaws in you,

it’s just that i’m writing this because i am convinced that this is not just intuition on my part,

this is really the kind of character that is there so obvious for me to see,

i think i’m not imagining it, or allowing my intuition to override everything,

i think maybe, this is the kind of person that you are, at times.


but then

maybe a lot of people are like you

not all of them, but many, or at least some of them are.

the ones who talk the talk but doesn’t really walk the walk.

ones who say things and do things like it’s significant to them when it isn’t.

like they know and care about what they’re doing with the things that they have for them and the rest of the people but really, they don’t.

because money can’t buy good character.

money can’t buy sincerity and thoughtfulness and integrity.

money can’t buy a good heart.


money can’t always make up for the self values that you lack.


i guess sometimes

it might seem like you have everything

but they don’t mean anything much because of what you are.


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