not me not i

Published July 26, 2012 by crystalights

right now,

i don’t understand why.


why would you react the way you did,

as if you did not play a part in the consequences that you received.


i never really thought i would see the day

where a man boy would put his dissatisfaction above his roles and responsibility.


“i can’t help you fix yourself

but at least i can say i tried

i’m sorry but i got to move on with my own life”


it is not MY FAULT that this is happenning. to you.

it is your life. YOU are the one living it, not me.

i am NOT the one who moved the pen in your hands

i’m not the one who told you to disappear whenever you want to.

if you can’t take the consequences then don’t make that choice.

don’t come back acting like you’re the victim and i’m the reaper.


i don’t have the patience to tolerate this absurdity


be a man. and grow up.


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