thinking and knowing

Published August 4, 2012 by crystalights

since time is of the essence these days (it’s Ramadhan, everything matters, rite?)

i’m kinda juggling a few things at a time.

not sure if this’ll work, but yeah, at least i’m still breathing, rite?


i have lesson materials to prepare, exam papers to write (with the answer schemes), revision session with the ones who’re taking the supplementary exam, a bit of mentoring with the freshies and sophomore students, short-sem and normal-sem teaching with their tutorials to be done, and then yes of course the things that i wanna do for Ramadhan- i can’t just ignore that.


yes i’m busy.

but Ramadhan makes me think

beneath all the mess of the past few weeks

i think i know myself more now


i think

i’ll always want more

because i feel like i’m not doing enough

like i’m not fulfilling what i should


so get over it

while i get over myself (or not)

i don’t know


sometimes i think some people come closer

because they’re intrigued

they’re just puzzled

not because i draw them in,

but because they don’t understand the person that i am.


i think

once people figure me out,

the mystery ends.

when the show’s over,

take a bow

and then everybody goes



so i always go

i always go first.

because i want to be away

before everything disappears


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