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Published October 8, 2012 by crystalights

i ws jst thinking

since most of that entire population seems to pay attention to you and the things that you say or do seems to matter too much to them too,

why don’t you draw their attention to the things that really matter (things other than you).

i mean, if you truly believe that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and that there are other things that matter more than you do,

then why not pull thm into wht they should care more about.

bcause i’m sure tht that is certainly not you (tht they should care more about).



Published October 7, 2012 by crystalights

some people jst don’t see it

tht there are thngs tht they are more able to do (but didn’t)

tht i wanted to do (but couldn’t)


bile kiter brsyukur, antara caranya bukankah dgn mnunaikn kbaikn atau b’kongsi nikmat-Nya?

bolehkah kiter dgn mudahnya ktepikn s’suatu yg bsar ertinya sdgkn dgn mudahnya Dia telah menetapkn pilihan dan rezeki yg bsar nilainya utk kita seusai shj kita menghela nafas dibumi-Nya?

kdg2, bile kiter fikir2 balik on what we’ve done, are we satisfied?


bile kiter rasa diri kiter tidak k’kurangan dan serba baik, maka bilakah baru kiter akn b’fkir tntang apa lg yg kiter prlu buat utk jd lbih baik?

sbb kiter tk mlihat k’kurangan maka bgaimana kita nk bina klebihan?

sbb tu aku rase ckup pedih hati

whn pple think it’s ok to jst rejoice in what has been given bt not perform the basic duties tht has been prescribed upon pple.

bcause we are pple, we don’t create ourselves. we didn’t even create the things we depend on out of nought.

krn kita dicipta oleh-Nya, maka bknkah tnggungjwb kita yg asas adalah kpd-Nya?

don’t dream it’s over.

Published October 1, 2012 by crystalights


“almost had me thinking you were turned around

but everybody knows, almost doesn’t count

this is a lunch-time post. bcause apparently i don’t feel like having lunch today and i want my words to re-tell the story. stories. whatever.


some things just takes a lot longer getting used to.

but i’m not. trying to get used to anything.

“this is just a stop on the way to where i’m going”


after evrything of the last 10 days,

i think there is nothing that i could say that could even come close to conveying my heart.


why bother?

it’s not like it’ll really change anything anyway.

in the course of a lifetime, would it matter

i’ll live with this. maybe not like this all the time but i’ll deal with it.

even when i’m sick and tired of looking at the roles and responsibilities unfulfilled by people to the point that i’m the one carrying that weight on their shoulders standing in on their shoes,

i’ll deal with it.


because it’s usually like this.

sometimes people don’t wake up from their daydreaming so the rest of them (who cannot dream) end up just slaving their days away to make up for all that is missing from all these people

and i for one, would love to dream a dream or two, but who am i kidding?

what is there left for me if i am the one left to pick up the pieces and fill up the missing gaps that people recklessly leave behind

i for one, can’t afford to dream a little more

because my dreams are expensive

they take the backseat because the ones in front are full of all those responsibilities left behind by the people who take flight and revel in their pride of disappearing in the moment where no disappearance could ever really be compensated with.

who knew, that people enjoy shirking their duties regardless of whether or not another soul is inflicted.

who knew, that selfishness is what most of the entire universe has always been populated with.


why would i bother to speak my words

shouldn’t these words be expensive too? as expensive as the dreams that i could not afford.