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Published November 19, 2012 by crystalights


since i’ve figured out how to work ths thing (albeit quite slowly), i think i’ll jst go along with it (for now).


if u think abt it, sbnrnye krja kita byk.

msih byk lg mslh lbih bsar yg prlukn prhatian

i know that whatever despair or disrepair that i’m facing will never be the same as the ones other than me who’re facing evn worse circumstances

hakikat yg sbnarnya (bg aku) krja kita bukn hnya utk kita.


smakin jauh lgkah kaki meniti jln  suratan-Nya,

smakin byk luka2 kcil gurisan laluan ktentuan-Nya,

smakin terasa betapa kerdilnya diri dlm menjunjung risalah-Nya


i am just a woman

who wished she could’ve done more.

i feel like i am ineffectve the most when

pple don’t start believing aftr they see me blieve

or start seeing the bright side after i see that bright side

t’rse diri tk berkesan. msih blum dpt mnyelamatkn.





Published November 19, 2012 by crystalights

maybe i am selfish when i try to show some care

bcause not everyone is okay with showing that they’re not.okay.with everything or something.

i just think, between being selfish and being indifferently cold,

i would rather be selfish and show my concern

than be cold and leave pple isolated and empty.