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wonder why.

Published March 11, 2013 by crystalights

i can’t always go where you want to go or be where you want to be because i have other priorities in life.

and i can explain to you why i can’t be there (in fact i already did), but i think it’s too much for you to comprehend.

sometimes i can go with you and sometimes i can’t.

but when i can’t, i know that it’s because there are other important things that matter more than spending the day walking around and spending money on things that i’m not really interested in buying.

i don’t want that.

i can be there and provide that kind of companionship so that your brain won’t be too bored with the mundane-ness of retail therapy, but hey, i got other things to prioritize.

and you,

you don’t want to be involved with the things that i do, or that i choose to do too,

so i think it’s fair.

you don’t want what i want,

you don’t prioritize what i prioritize.

my free time isn’t entirely free and isn’t entirely mine,

but i am certain that it isn’t yours to sulk about, right?


byk lg org lain yg aku tak dpt luangkn mase pun utk dorg,

dan byk lg org lain yg tak dpt luangkn mase pun utk aku,

so what makes you any different?


maybe you can go back and wait in line.

for everything else, let the ones that come above be put first.


walk the talk

Published March 9, 2013 by crystalights

maybe i’m just angry
because somehow people seem to be able to walk away so easily.

something happens, you get scared, (or possibly overwhelmed by reality or whatever),
and then you disappear.

and i
i just scrape by, pick up the pieces,
fill in the emptiness that people leave behind,
and then i live.

what else is there?
you want in but you don’t want to be completely in.

you want something here, but you don’t want to pay the price.

you want and take and whatever it is that you think you could possibly divulge in,
and then you put in the path to that little “exit clause” and we’re supposed to accept that.
everyone’s supposed to accept that;
including me.

but i’m not “everyone”.

i couldn’t undrstand for the life of me, why anyone would choose this for reasons other than their own selfishness.

if things are so difficult for you, don’t you think it’s difficult for me too?

do you think i don’t have some twisted reality that i have to deal with too?


“i’m Bambi”, and nobody’s sticking around much anyway.


i thought that this cause is significant enough for people to hold on and move forward, but it turns out that leaving is so much easier, for so many people.




hate to say this but some people are not even worth my time.