leave me empty

Published April 25, 2013 by crystalights

i am so hurt right now.

i am certain that whatever i do is not bcause of you

but it hurts that my choices are being questioned so frequently.

this lack of faith in me is truly astounding.

all of this is not for u, it’s never because of you.

because it’s not worth it to go the distance jst to pacify a person. like you.

because it will only leave me empty.

and I am so used to pple needing me but not really wanting me it’s not even funny anymore how i don’t want or need them back.

so if i’m not doing it for you, why should i explain my choices to you?

if you truly see me as one of your own isn’t it enough that you trust me to not cross the line?

what is it about me that is so difficult to comprehend?

I’m not asking for your appreciation, i’m just looking for a space where d entire world (including you) is not out to get me.

but i guess this means that that space is not here.


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