getting it.

Published May 27, 2013 by crystalights

you know what,

it bugs me that sometimes i don’t know what normal is.

when i don’t know what is normal to most people.

how do you react in a normal way if you don’t even know what normal is?


like when you’re in the middle of delegating tasks in a room and everyone’s paying attention but someone just walks off the door because he doesn’t like the idea of you putting him with people that he doesn’t like.


or when you’re in the middle of a very important point that you really need them to understand, and halfway through it someone just nods off and fell asleep, guilt-free.


or when you’re giving them the extra work because you know that they needed it (because it levels their playing field), and the way they react (and make weak attempts of rejecting it) is like you just delivered the worst news of the week.


so how do normal people react?

i can throw in a few sharp comments, some with very high-pitched sound effects, throw a fit or two, or even go angry raging mad. or i can do a little of that sarcasm thing that i always seemed to have going on.




i didn’t.

at least, not really.


bcause if i spew even a little bit of words, i don’t know how far i’ll go. or shouldn’t go. because my idea of normal isn’t exactly the same with a lot of people, sometimes i can’t make them get it.


sometimes, people get very offended first, and then they get the point at the very last bit. and some don’t even get it. (or get me). or get my point.

and then i’ll probably think: well that’s a waste of my braincells.


so what i do is i avoid screaming. avoid sarcasm.

i just skip over some things, resume on the total normality of it all, until they’re all in and all eyes and all ears on me and then i hit home- straight to the point where i want them to be.


except well, even that sometimes doesn’t work all of the time.


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