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ok. ok. stop.

Published June 12, 2013 by crystalights

I actually have a job to get back to.
But since I need a 2nd opinion but no one here can really gimme d stisfaction of an objctve one so here I am.

you said “hbis xxx tk cantik?”
“dia siap ada twins lg, tak pndang yg lain”

it’s not what u say, it’s how u say it.
aku blum hbis ckp lg.
ko slalu tepis ckp aku anytime as if wht I’m saying is pointless.
it’s insulting. offensive. degrading.
even when I disagree with u I never dissed your point so blatantly. I either say something 2 respond or just shut up.

Sometimes I wonder,
what do u want frm me?