maybe, maybe is not good

Published October 9, 2015 by crystalights

you know

smtimes i wonder.
if i feel like the eldest child, then what’s the use of the eldest child?
maybe if i am the eldest child, then she would listen to me (?)
(and i can swat her out like a fly? haha *evil laughs*)

but i’m not the eldest child.
she is.

and maybe whtever i say is never gonna work, so whatevs.

tak baik pikir mcm ni, kan.

Allah yg takdirkn kn.
aku kena terima.

tak sabar nk start krja again.

so i can have a break frm my real life “reality show” and focus on thngs tht make my parents happy.

so tht i can dream about taking mak to marina bay sands @ singapore (mak saw it on the telly & it looks fascinating). so we want like a proper tourist trip to the lion city. ngeeeee *squeals*


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