the next one

Published November 30, 2015 by crystalights

i have another interview coming up (insyaAllah).

this time it’s a big deal for me because it’s a job i didn’t know i wanted until i saw the advert & just knew that this is it.

& as usual i always get so nervous before interviews (except for a select few which i don’t really care about).

why interviews make me nervous:
-nasty woman with mascara (bad experience).
-old men who speaks to you like you’re a child, with him going on & on about “the reality of the situation”.
-pple who, despite everything you’ve said to explain everything & show everything that you can do, still makes you feel like you can’t. & then makes u feel that it’s your fault for not having that specific experience in that specific area even though you already have the years of experience in your previous job, just not in that particular area. 👈 these kind of pple are not only never content with whatever you’ve got to offer, they kinda drag you down with their pessimistic POVs. (i stil remember how that felt like. it took me quite a while to get over it, it evn affected the other interviews that i attended after that one).

so yeah.

i think, it takes a lot to start over sometimes.

sometimes it’s not just what you have to show, but also how you defend yourself and take care of yourself after the battle is over.

because there will be more battles ahead & you’d want to know that you can fight again.


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