Published January 17, 2016 by crystalights

smua org dh tidur.

baru siap 1 proposal.

i have to finish another one, but not sure how long it’ll take.

she said: to write good proposals, you have to read well.

i hope she doesn’t expect me to be able to finish two good proposals in 1 week. bcause how can i “read well” for 2 different rsearch titles & write all of that in 1 week? unless it’s d only thing that i do (which it really isn’t). i stil hav to attend to other matters as i go along with whatever’s assigned to me.

i don’t want to hand in a badly done proposal. if you want a good one you have to give it time, right.

and the meetings.. *sighs*

the meetings are so cluttered. & too frequent. i think some of it doesn’t really require some of the pple to be there. maybe jst do a mini meet to tell these 1-2 pple wht u need in detail, the rest u cn optimize with d use of your emails. or whatsapp.

it’s so strange smtimes. smtimes i thought it’s someone else’ job but then suddenly there’s the occasional “get nadia to help you”.


i like that i get to actually contribute, but i get so scared sometimes. so afraid of things going wrong. like that missing recording. or that co-worker. or sending the wrong kind of text msage at the wrong time & being judged for wanting to confirm things.


it’s like a rollercoaster ride. every day.


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