Published January 18, 2016 by crystalights

today was soo funny.

i went downstairs for zuhur, & whn i came back no one’s in our work room. then i ws worried if they all hav a meeting with boss that i’m supposed to attend too while i was gone. it turns out that the meeting doesn’t include me. but by the end of it 1 of them told me tht i’m supposed to “help out” someone to find materials for literature review. so i asked him wht focus area do i need to look into. at first he ws like tryng to tell me that it’s smthg related to youth etc2.. then aftrwards i told him i hav some of that if he wants i can send thru email & so on. & then he finally was like BURSTING into a babble about how he kept looking for materials for literature review & printing things & this person (who asked for it) like NEVER reads them. like ever. he said that it’s always like that. sometimes he printed stacks of jrnals & things (bcause that prson doesnt want them in emails, she wants them in hard copy) but it’s always just carried here & there & never read! he says that someone once printed the same copy of proposal for like 10 times bcause she loses them all bfore she ever finishes reading them.

and so he was telling me how he didn’t wanna say all that but he can’t help it. & that i must print them out for her (although she would probably lose them or forget about them or as he says: just carry them everywhere).


so i was laughing bcause of how hard it must hav been for him to stop himself frm telling me all that (but he told me anyway).


so i didn’t print them at all.

bcause i hate wasting paper, & i’m frm ths background, it’s unfathomable for me to jst print things that i know won’t be used.

so yeah.

i cntnued my work on the 2nd proposal anyway.

stil hav othr thngs to do.


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