Published January 21, 2016 by crystalights

we had to stay back today, had our late meeting.

i’m on my way back home. stuck in traffic. because i took the wrong road.

because i got too distracted with my thoughts tht i frgot my way home.

ok. skrg rasa penat sgt. pas tu stuck kt jln raya.

mcm sedih pulak. partly psl td mse nk pegi pickup food mse clebration tu kot.
patutnya xpyh pikir sgt psl tu kn, sbb ada lg bnda2 lain yg happy, kn. xkisahla.

at least i get to do wht i like now. & there are other pple i cn be friends with jgk kot. insyaAllah smoga lepas ni dpt be friends dgn org lain yg lg fun.

lamanyer jamm nii.

i just wanna go home.

jst nk rest skejap pun jadilah.


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