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this week

Published March 23, 2016 by crystalights

so here i am again. i wrote a bunch of stuff but i dont know why ths phone doesnt autosave my content on wp. so i’m jst gonna summarize my life updates in 1 week.

-my contract’s almost over. they offered a few thngs so that i stay & extend my contract but i don’t want to

-i got a different offer frm anothr prty & i’ve accepted.

-i opened d necessary account ysterday & went for my medical checkup but there was a problm with 1 of my rsults. so no i’m in d middle of waiting fr d 2nd results aftr a retest this morning.

-i am even more clear of d reasons why i dont want to stay on my current job no matter d “salary revision” that they’re offering. bcause i feel like my heart & soul is slowly being wiped out d longer i stay. i cant live like this. forced to not care about the things that i care about. whatever. i’m leaving anyway. can’t wait to tell them fr d 3rd time (bcause the prvious times pple keep trying to change my mind but whatever. it’s not like that’s ever gonna work).

-i don’t see a future here. all i see are layers of lies & denial.

-so next fr me is replying the email & sending d necessary documents, insyaAllah.

i’ll write again later!