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just sorting.

Published June 26, 2016 by crystalights

i read smthg today.
a lot to think about.
needed to sort out my thoughts.

1. it’s not okay to blame pple whn u were the one not painting a realistic & clear picture of wht they should do by when. & when i say “when” i mean a REALISTIC “when”. not a date tht is jst ur preference. or worse, benchmarking/comparing based on othr pple’s date when they are clearly doing smthg different, which u might not truly realize bcause of ur pre-existing assumptions.

2. if u want to make things btter & faster u can do so by specifying how, or intervene in a proper manner. if u don’t then u might be able to somehow increase efficiency short-term, but u will downgrade passion, meticulousness, and morale long-term. bcause pple would want it to be done fast enough to fulfil ur expectations but they wouldn’t hav d time to care if it’s done right.

3. smtimes u can manage/ ensure the work is done by allocating & specifying realistic load & time period for everyone to stick to. psychological attack/pressuring is unnecessary. evn without that, pple wil stil be working on their tasks if it has been assigned to them earlier & realistically, while knowing wht the allocated time is.

4. there are some things which u have no jurisdiction over. u cannot control everything.


esok puasa

Published June 5, 2016 by crystalights

esok puasa. alhamdulillah, last year dpt puasa penuh. tahun ni tgoklah mcm mana keadaan, yg pnting sihat💪

kdg2 bila aku buka fb & iG sekitar kL yg aku tinggalkn, ade jgk rasa mcm uncomfortable. sbb aku xdpt keadaan yg mcm tu lg.
stay dgn pple yg best. pegi pgrm sama2. mkn rmai2. pegi KD sama2.

lepas tu kdg2 aku rasa aku xnk tgok updates mcm tu. sbb aku xnk rasa mcm tu. bukan aku benci. aku jst xnak ada rasa jealous, or worse, dengki.

lol. hopefully xdela smpai mcm tu kot.

cuma. mcm bila aku tgok, smtimes aku ada rasa self concious sikit sbb aku keep compare2kn ape yg aku buat now that i’m in a different place, dgn ape yg dorg buat in kL. kept thinking: i could’ve been doing that too.

and i know it’s not fair nk compare sbb aku jst terpaksa terima keadaan di tmpat baru bcause i need to work & stuff, & xbaik merungut sbb ada nikmat lain yg aku perolehi, tapi bila asyik tgok gmbar & status dorg (wlwpn byk yg tjuan2 kebaikan), i can’t help but feel not so fine.

mgkn sbb aku rse mcm amal aku pun kurang.. pas tu envrnment kita pun dh berbeza. wlwpn bukn salah aku envrnmnt kt sini x mcm kL, tp aku xpyhla nk fokus sgt kt bnda2 yg brbeza tu. aku rasa aku jst kena do wht i cn with wht i hav. & if aku xpegi mcm dorg pegi, it’s bcause i either hav othr commitments utk medan d sini, or commitments fmly yg aku xbleh ketepikn.

keadaan kita x sama..i should accept that.

& jst look forward to tomorrow.