just sorting.

Published June 26, 2016 by crystalights

i read smthg today.
a lot to think about.
needed to sort out my thoughts.

1. it’s not okay to blame pple whn u were the one not painting a realistic & clear picture of wht they should do by when. & when i say “when” i mean a REALISTIC “when”. not a date tht is jst ur preference. or worse, benchmarking/comparing based on othr pple’s date when they are clearly doing smthg different, which u might not truly realize bcause of ur pre-existing assumptions.

2. if u want to make things btter & faster u can do so by specifying how, or intervene in a proper manner. if u don’t then u might be able to somehow increase efficiency short-term, but u will downgrade passion, meticulousness, and morale long-term. bcause pple would want it to be done fast enough to fulfil ur expectations but they wouldn’t hav d time to care if it’s done right.

3. smtimes u can manage/ ensure the work is done by allocating & specifying realistic load & time period for everyone to stick to. psychological attack/pressuring is unnecessary. evn without that, pple wil stil be working on their tasks if it has been assigned to them earlier & realistically, while knowing wht the allocated time is.

4. there are some things which u have no jurisdiction over. u cannot control everything.


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