Published October 29, 2016 by crystalights

i hate lying

i hate it even more if it’s smthg pple jst expects you to do because of your job

i hate it when there’s non-stop noise

it doesn’t feel like music to your ears anymore when it’s loud and continuous. so what if it’s quiet.
there’s nothing wrong with silence.

i hate being afraid of making decisions

how can i not be, when pple jst hurt me for the things that i choose to do or be

sometimes, i really want to be alone

only want to share the happy things with pple
only want to keep the painful things inside
because it makes me feel btter when nobody really knows the ugly stories tht i hide
the intricate complexities of my pain tht no one really gets

once in a while i do spell it out
because i want people to back away

because it’s easier

sometimes it’s tiring when you’re constantly explaining yourself to the entire world

i get so tired

i only want to do the things tht i need for me and for the pple that i need.

i don’t want to have to answr for anything else.


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