it’s just one of those things

Published May 5, 2017 by crystalights

am i where i’m meant to be?

i feel like i am settling into something that i would never want for myself.

i can’t do what i want, what i like.

i can’t go where i want to be, and be what i want to be.

it feels like i can’t find peace anywhere.

my life feels like a constant block of walls with no doors but plenty of keys.

i want the comfort of staying but need the relief of going out there and doing something more with my life.

i am disenchanted, disillusioned by all the wrong turns that i end up in.

for me, there is no real refuge from the hurt of disappointment. because every road leads me to the same ending.

i think that it’s easier for me to write it out than to actually live it.

i think i need to be on my own again. so that i don’t hurt myself and others along the way.


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