about this


the owner of this blog is someone who has a sweet-tooth but is in denial of her condition (haha).


at least not in denial of a sweet heart  

(a sweet heart means a heart which is very sweet okay, not a sweetheart!)

she doesn’t like people forcing her into things but she does them anyway

(because she can’t really say no).


she can’t think very well when there’s people around because people can’t really understand a girl who spaces out in the middle of a conversation just to follow a single train of thought.



sometimes she understands why people don’t stay


she tends to really dearly appreciate the people who tolerates her “lostness” and sticks around enough to make her day.

so she tries to pay them back by being all independent and reliable and tough

(although that doesn’t really work out sometimes).

and so she tries.


so on behalf of her i would say:

you don’t have to understand something in order to like it


you don’t have to like something in order to understand it.

understanding is a gift you give yourself.


just like barbara streisand sings “love is just a gift you give yourself”.


so there

i’ve said it.


sincerely (from me),

the owner of this blog (haha).


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