these words belong to..



i am a girl. who likes colourful things to see.


i like white, blue and green.


i like words written, spoken, shared.


i like children [ most of the time ] ^__~


and i love preparing meals for people [ even when my cooking isn’t always so good ].


i like learning, even though i complain a lot.


i like being a student [ sometimes ].


i believe that no one is entirely bad. there has to be some good in evryone, right (?)


and i think the best gift for a girl and a woman, would be becoming a mother.


haha. so mushy (!)

this is where my steps tread through..

another day, another moment.

another second and the cycle starts again.


this could be the epitome of my we push our way through the wars we waged against time.

and maybe we’ll find what we’re looking for

..though it may never be the same, when we keep wanting more.


*turns off poetry mode*





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