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Pencipta dan ciptaan-Nya.

Published January 28, 2011 by crystalights

mak ckp kasih syg Allah tu 3 kali ganda kasih syg seorg ibu.

di mana bila hamba-Nya buat silap dan salah pun Dia masih memberi dan melimpahkan kurnia-Nya.

masih beri rezeki.

masih beri peluang utk kembali ke jalan yg satu.

are we the kind of people who “take, take, take but you never give”?

sbg hamba-Nya,

tuhan ciptakan kita untuk beribadat kepada-Nya.

beribadat tu ader byk cara, tak kisahla samaada kita bekerja, atau belajar, atau lakukan apa2 pun sehari2 dgn niat tertentu yg ada dlm hati.

org yg buat sesuatu kerana Allah, akan buat sesuatu tu dgn bersungguh2 dan insyaAllah akan terpelihara oleh-Nya sepanjang waktu itu.

bila kita buat sesuatu kerana Allah, sesuatu itu ibarat ibadah kita, dan kerana kita bertanggungjawab atas ibadah kita maka kita pun tak boleh lakukannya tanpa kesungguhan.


tuhan takkan menguji kita dengan sesuatu yg diluar kemampuan kita.

kalau sesuatu tu berlaku pd kita, mungkin itu lah sesuatu yg diturunkan sbg dugaan utk kita.

dan ujian tu ader byk bentuk dan jenisnye. kdg2 kita diuji dgn kesusahan, kdg2 kita diuji dgn kesenangan.

Nabi Ibrahim dikurniakan anak yg dier sgt syg, setelah sekian lama menginginkan anak.

kemudian dier diuji oleh Allah dgn perintah menyembelih anaknya sendiri (utk dilihat sejauh mana sygnya pd Allah terjejas atau tidak dgn kelahiran anak kesayangannye, Nabi Ismail).

it wasn’t easy for him, because dier syg pd anaknya tp tetap syg pd Allah. dan Allah tetap yg paling atas dlm hatinya jadi dier pun bersedia utk menyembelih anak yg disayangi tu dan anak itu pun rela disembelih kerana juga menyayangi Allah.

dan akhirnye, kerana Allah yg paling maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang, Allah tukarkan Nabi Ismail dgn seekor kibas jadi selamatlah Nabi Ismail dari menjadi sembelihan bapanya.

itulah antara bukti kasih syg Allah.

bukti2 kasih syg-Nya ada byk disekeliling kita, dlm hari2 semalam dan juga hari2 esok yg akan mendtg.


jadi kasih syg yg abadi tu tetap dari Allah, dan takkan sama dgn kasih syg dari manusia.


so everytime a manusia hurts me, i get angry. but i just think that he is just a manusia and manusia are like that. it’s not an excuse but it’s what he is.

dan hanya tuhan yg paling sempurna dan paling maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang.

dan mungkin tempat kita sandarkan harapan adalah pada tuhan. bukan pada manusia.

sbb manusia shj tak mencukupi.

sbb tu kita perlukan tuhan.



of pictures and photographs.

Published September 3, 2010 by crystalights


the end result of a picture doesn’t necessarily show the effort behind that picture.

aren’t they just physical things, afterall?

sometimes it isn’t logical to be so proper, poised, prim and prepped in all your shots

-it’s too unrealistic.


it’s okay to make an effort for those pictures but life is still life and being alive doesn’t mean continuous perfection.

it means that sometimes the imperfections are part and parcel of what makes life alive.

that’s what makes life real, raw and believable.

it makes life more meaningful. and reachable.

if pictures don’t work out it doesn’t mean that life won’t (work out).


they are just pictures afterall.


don’t you feel that when someone puts such emphasis on their pictures it shows how much of an exhibitionist the person is?

it’s like having an image to maintain.

so which one is real?

can people know this without having to ask?


i think someone once said that in pictures and photographs you don’t change the object to fit the picture, you manipulate the picture to fit the object.

you work around the object to produce a picture. a photograph.


i’m not an expert in photography but i do know that probably half of those pics are never my cup of tea.


how to take a phonecall in the early morning (and sounding like you’re wide awake)

Published March 15, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t always stay up late, but nowadays i kinda do.

so, sometimes when it’s early in the morning and i’m not quite wide awake, people call me and i had to wake up and answer the phone *rolls eyes*


i could jst leave it like that but then i couldn’t really stand the ringing

and also because morning calls are usually one of those “important” ones.


i think i kinda figured it out.

how to answer a phonecall in the morning when you’re not quite awake yet but you don’t want the other person to know that (you’re not quite awake yet).

  1. first you try and sit up from your bed, jst get your shoulders and neck up right.
  2. take a deep breath as you flip your phone open or as you press the answer button.
  3. no matter what you need to say, keep your answers a wide-mouthed one. meaning, say things that require your lips to open wide like “aaah”. it tends to hide your husky morning voice effectively. so, instead of saying “hello” you say “hey” like it’s a “hay” and instead of saying “yes” you say “ahaa”, “okay”, and so on.
  4. try to make your voice go a little bit higher. not whiny, jst a little higher tone because lower voice tone tends to reveal your sleepy and unawake condition.
  5. pay attention to what is said (no matter how sleepy you are !). spacing out in the middle of a conversation will only show that you’re still not very much awake.
  6. keep the conversation short. make it cheerfully good and then say “okay then, i’ll get back to you soon” or anything that you could possibly attempt to say (in a positive way) to get someone to end the conversation.
  7. remember when you say “bye”, say it like it’s “buy” with your mouth wide open. don’t slack off just bcause it’s the end of a conversation by saying “bye” in your dreamy sleepy voice.


i think that was it.

the 7 steps of answering morning calls. haha.

i’m writing this post on my bed in my bedroom at home (!)

yes, finally i got home yesterday.

and yes i was woken up by a phonecall (so early in the morning) trying to sound like i’m wide awake (it’s one of those “important” ones).


my dad tells me to use this netbook (that i’m writing with) which recently arrived (a few weeks ago).

i find the idea very appealing, but it’s a bit of a hassle because i have all the important papers and project work and report materials stored inside my current old-ish laptop.

although my current old-ish laptop is kind of an embarassment to the word “technology”, i think i’m still going to use it until graduation.


i have a hideous age-old, heavy-weighing, dilapidated laptop. with cracks and scratches on the side. haha.

i’ve had it since somewhere around 3 and a half years ago.

and it has everything i need in there for the past few years.

i kinda bring it with me everywhere, even when i was doing my industrial attachment.

even when we’re just travelling for a short few days.

so yeah.

it’s one of those “personal items” thing.


so even when people go “ugly eyes” on my ugly old laptop, i just brush it off and move on.

because it’s normal for people to be that way, it isn’t so surprising.

it’s just that some are willing to pretend like they’re not like that and spare people the condescending stare, while some don’t even bother to pretend.

either way is fine with me.

it’s only a piece of technology, right.


unbelievable : 1st night. 1st day. 1st week.

Published December 14, 2009 by crystalights


i’m at work!

yes i’m updating frm my wrkplace.

i jst read thru a few thngs that i think i’ll be using in my report.

but there’s still a few thngs to go through, so many thngs that i have yet to be informed for me to carry out.


it’s the first day (!) of my industrial attachmnt / practical.

but the person in chrge at my deprtmnt was not around ths morning.

so i’m at another department, for now.

maybe i’ll be sent there by ths aftrnoon.

coming back to an empty house, work is probably a great distraction frm reality, for now.

at my new house / place that i’m staying in, evrybody’s working.

they work on weekdays




and if they don’t work they’re usually somewhere else other than at home.

but they’re usually home at night (i think).

maybe bcause i kinda fall asleep first bfore knowing if the rest are back.

well it’s only been one night, but already that strange creepy lonesome feeling is there.

stupid heart.

stupid feelings.

toughen up lil’ soldier (!)


maybe bcause i’m jst worried bcause i found out ystrday [on my very first day staying at that place] that there has been a break-in before.

in that house.

in my room.

frm the rooftop through the ceiling of my room.


of course i freaked out.

the break-in happened about a mnth ago.

and now evryone in the house goes out carryng their valuables

like every single day.

once again

of course i freaked out.

i mean, considering that the person who spoke to me about it mentioned it so nonchalantly

and whn i was askng thngs like : is that hole frm the rooftop and ceiling covered [aftr the break-in], that prson was like :

even if it’s covered [and sealed], if that thief / intruder wanted to break in, he’ll still break in [and get inside].


and that was said soo damn matter-of-factly like talking about the weather or the next election date.


so if someone smashes your door and take your tv, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a door at all, huh(?) as long as you take your tv out evrytime you leave the house.

because if that prson wanted to break-in through your front door, he will still smash your door and get in.


is that it?

how smart.

does doing that feels better to you?

*is puzzled*

well, you see 

i’ve only jst started working / going through my practical here

i can’t carry evrythng with me whn i go out all the time.

i even have to minimize the thngs that i carry with me bcause in ths field of work you’ll never know what kind of task you’ll end up with.


i put my stuff at a secret stash

but i don’t know if it’s secret enough.

i don’t know if it works

today’s the 1st day tht i’m trying it out.

we’ll have to see if it works.

*is worried*


back to working (!)

what i don’t need

Published November 20, 2009 by crystalights



what a dreary morning.

it’s so grey, it’s raining.


you know

when things go wrong and that thing involves my thing

shouldn’t i be informed? of such things?


i can hardly believe i’m getting pissed over somethng like this

somethng that i have so meticulously planned [for myslf. for me].

don’t i at least deserve to know

and to be respectively informed?

because this thing here ain’t a plaything

it’s a damn real thing.

it’s business, man.


don’t i at least deserve a proper msg or a phonecall, explaining what happened and the consequences of what happened [like how it’s gonna affect me and my plans?]


i’m surprised that i still haven’t blown someone’s head off.

and what’s even more surprising is when i’m the one trying to get in touch with people and trying to get a grasp of what’s going on when it’s truly someone else’s job to keep me informed [because it’s my plans that have been ruined].


i’m sorry that you’re sorry

but i’m sorry too

i’m so sorry that i can’t help but feel

that you’re not sorry enough

and that no amount of “sorry”s are gonna fix this.



and stop guessing what or who i’m talking about ‘coz there ain’t gonna be any names.



i don’t need this sh**.



cut. flesh. deep.

Published October 13, 2009 by crystalights


i can’t believe you did that.

i don’t even know why i care.



because i was worried.


and i don’t like that.


what’s it like to not care?

tell me.

does it make things better?


because i wanna make things better too.

i want things to be slightly more bearable.


i should go.



sleepy morning

Published September 24, 2009 by crystalights


it’s almost dawn – i didn’t sleep the whole night.

well at least i finished packing [except for this cmputer. not yet, but soon].


i’m so sleepy.

but bcause it was already late last night i didn’t want to wake up late if i sleep right away.

so i decided to get some thngs done while i waited until morning.


oh dear. i’m soo sleepy i can barely feel my skin being attacked by mosquitoes.

how do people tolerate working at night the whole night?


maybe they deal with it better because there’s no mosquitoes.


okay so after leaving for the trip tomorrow, it’ll be off to campus over the weekend.


i’m probably gonna have a hard time being unstressed and undepressed.


but whatever.


we live through our pain.



so erm.. good morning?

and have a good day.


hopefully your days will be better than mine ^__^