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superman can’t fly

Published February 15, 2011 by crystalights

i think that music has always been subjective to each individual

in terms of music, something that spins with you may not always go well with everyone else

so sometimes when it comes to music i think it’s okay to not explain the “who”s and “why”s

scrutinizing and seeking reasons behind one’s preferences in music – isn’t that quite pointless?

some people just like what they like

for whatever reason, it’s entirely up to them.

just because some people listen to foreign songs, it doesn’t prove that they only entirely support foreigners

in music, the position achieved by foreigners or home-growns are drawn by the music they represent themselves

even when you love your country, it doesn’t mean you have to love everything about your country; like whiny politicians, expensive fuel, small pay, and bad musicians.


what does it matter which part of the world the music comes from?

no matter how you look at it, music is still music.

just let the music speak for itself.

(because this is his self-penned composition).

Mum said one should not be too fussy over most matters
But my sense of mission found me and i can’t sleep over it
If scolding someone requires some skills
I will add a tune and you will feel it’s very cool (diao)

My gun is not loaded with ammunition
So don’t worry, nobody will collapse

I don’t need a double for The Green Hornet because confidence is the coloring for my painting

The meaning behind the things I did is far beyond your imagination
Filming a tv drama is for friendship and a dream 10 years ago
No matter how high the rating is, it can’t match my noble ideal
Because my life do not need another award

I don’t know when I have become a society’s role model

Can’t show the paparazzi the finger and have to put on a magnanimous front

The lyrics I sing must have some degree of literacy
Because it might become teaching material anytime

Can CNN interview me when my English gets a little better

Can i reshoot the Time magazine cover

I must take care of my image at all times
I must control my diet or i won’t look like the “me” in Madame Tussauds

(it doesn’t look like me in the first place)

There are many handprints and footprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre
When will mine be seen there?

If Superman can fly then let me take a breather in the sky
Overlooking this world again will let me feel better
Saving the world is tiring, though I am a little tired, I still will
Don’t ask me if I have cried
Because Superman can’t cry

(You) must get best male singer award as a singer
A newcomer award is not enough if you act
Not attending award ceremonies is considered rude
And if you do, it means you are over-concerned about it

When you won an award and teared, people will think you are fake and exaggerating
When you have no expression, others will say you are too arrogant
And if you are born with that expression, they will even blame your mum
In the end someone else gets the award, you also have to give ample applause and smile

The car you drive can’t be too luxurious nor can you live too high up

Am I a singer-songwriter or a representative of good men and good deeds?

My album must be ranked top once released

My movie must sell well

I can only say, being a Superman is difficult

If Superman can fly then let me take a breather in the sky
Overlooking this world again will let me feel better
Saving the world is tiring, though I am a little tired, I still will
Don’t ask me if I have cried
Because Superman can’t cry



from the album: the era 
singer/songwriter: jay chou jie lun



 pinkrabbit17 @findingjielun




Published February 8, 2011 by crystalights

“..rain another rainy day

comes up from the ocean

give herself away

she comes down easy

on rich and dead the same

when she gives herself away..”


my 400th post: a mix of colourful days.

Published December 13, 2010 by crystalights


yesterday: at the beach ^__^

the sky.

i didn’t really notice how blue they were before.

what are the odds of finding a rainbow peeking out above the sea?

isn’t that rare?

on the road to the ocean,

we found a patch of land like a meadow with a small pond

and the buffalos and cows were grazing and taking a dip too

it’s like a picnic. among the animals.

they really are an outgoing bunch of animals, LOL.

in this part of the country, the animals roam around without supervision.

it’s like their owners know and understand their animals enough to leave them out there freely and unattended.

travelling within these villages, it seems as if you can see those animals everywhere.

sometimes they walk on the road. and wait at the bus stop. LOL.

yes. they seem to eat anywhere they want. and poop anywhere they want.

my little sister had to wash the car tyres when we got back home.


wasn’t that nice?

we spent our time at the beach for like the entire afternoon, until our fingers were pretty wrinkly.

it was tiring.

but very calming. and nice.

when the waves leave the sands, the shores feel a little empty.

that’s when the little creatures come out and weasel their way around the little spaces.

so i run instead of walking

because i hate feeling something crawling at my feet.

run to the waters

dip in the sea.

today’s class was okay, though i didn’t expect myself to finish early.

i thought my lesson plan was enough to cover the entire class time.

but it didn’t.

so i added a few things after giving them literature exercises.

i initially taught them something from macbeth.

(but i don’t know why they seem to be a little out of it).

i was thinking: “girls, this is shakespeare. you don’t always come across shakespeare anytime later in your life, right? so why not lighten up a bit just for this, huh?”

and okay

since this is my 400th post, let’s talk about one of my favourite subjects: <<art in motion>> ^__~

i think that good films are not easy films.

coming up with an audio visual recording which is tastefully complete isn’t a walk in the park.


isn’t it amazing when 30 seconds is enough to hook you in?

i have to say this:

why can’t our local CFs be more like these?






i. love. 1. 3. & 4. so. effin’. much.

video credits to: elavip6

of feelings and wheels of wonder

Published November 6, 2010 by crystalights

i like how it turns

again and again it goes around

took a seat in the pretty wheel

slowly glanced through the side door 

(and wondering what happens if it wasn’t there)

watch the world beneath you shrink away

slowly look up to the darkness above

letting the lights play along the ride

a faint shimmering glow

denying that particular feeling you get when you’re above ground

(they make my heart somersault like no other)


at that time i said i wanna go to a fun fair, any fair, then i’ll be happy. which was rather ridiculous considering it was very near to the hari raya festive season (why would people go to a fun fair a few days before D-day anyway?)

but i

like that kind of things. especially if they’re those small type of fun fairs, the ones without those extreme rides. the small ones are less rowdy and much more intimate. and you can see the small little lights glow in the dark of the night. it’s like a thousand candles put together underneath the black skies.


and so we went.

(it wasn’t a fun fair. it was more like a huge multi-featured park. by the sea).

and i remember it like it was yesterday (i would want to go again no matter how scared i get when the wheel turns high and higher)


i like it because it’s slow and steady and quiet. it’s frightening but it gives me time to ponder and think. or just breathe.

i don’t think there is any other way for me to get that kind of feeling.


i wished they didn’t know. or ask. or attempt to find out.


does it look like i’m abnormal? i know that i’m not that normal, but i don’t think i’m that abnormal. i think that there are some things i wanna keep as private that i don’t wish to share with the entire universe. and yet.

just a few prods here and there and then my parents spilled. big time.


i was dissapointed when i found out today. thank god the food was lovely and i didn’t have to stay for long – mum said i could go back first.


patutla dier pandang aku. mcm nk ckp something.


patutla org depan rmh pun mcm semacam. mcm lain macam.


i think it’s even worse to say that i was in the beginning of something than actually saying i have already received something.


i thought that i have decided once and for all that no one should know until i say okay. but now i found out that i don’t even know anymore who doesn’t know (and who knows).


 even if i choose not to do anything, isn’t that my own choice, my own business, only mine and mine alone?


i have nothing to show. prove. and tell.

 i don’t feel the need for such things.

even if i’m slowly fading into the background, i don’t think i care enough to actually stop it.


if i don’t really care then why should you?


i’m not interested in whatever you think of me.


what i wish to do now has everything to do with the ones i’m with and nothing to do with you.


if i am a ferris wheel

isn’t there only one wheel upon one stretch of land?

if a ferris wheel starts turning

you can’t make it stop unless it’s time for it to stop, can you?



brown sugar cookies and a heart on my sleeve

Published June 18, 2010 by crystalights


a few things were happening

all at the same time

and some went out of hand

so i wasn’t feeling quite right


so i tried working in the kitchen again


today i made my first batch of cookies






(my lil’ brother ate them with some tea-dipping)




so there’s my first sugar cookies.


you know

sometimes i wished that it’s enough for me to just

listen without speaking

be here without breaking

understand without showing

but to feel enough to keep staying


i wished i was enough

apparently it’s not enough to just be.

you still have to do something

to make something out of things

so that people feel like they’re in

inside your life somewhere


my cookies aren’t perfect

but i made them with my own hands

my own version of the usual cookie recipe

my own personal touch


they’re not perfect

but they’re my own


why can’t they be enough?

why can’t i be enough?



do i have to lay out my heart on the table

to prove that i actually feel


one two three four days

Published June 17, 2010 by crystalights


so i went for the interview on monday.

it was my first official job interview after finishing my 4-year study.

the office was small and quiet, with wooden tables and furnitures. there were several windows covered with old-styled blinds instead of curtains, and smooth wooden doors with a few centimetres gap underneath the door where the interviewer was supposed to be in.

from outside, as i wait for my turn i can hear his voice speaking to the person inside, a fellow interviewee.

so after handing in my forms to the staff outside i sit with baited breath. no, i wasn’t really nervous, it was more about me being curious (like i always am).

wondering how old will he be, and how would his manner of speaking be, and what kind of applicant will he be expecting.

so when i was called in, i opened the door and saw how unusually simple the layout was. a long table, a few cushy chairs, possibly a small narrow rack and that’s it.

his briefcase was on the side of the table, and the window was half-opened.

the walls were white and with the white blinds on the opened window, everything feels very bright and airy.

very spartan.

and then he told me to sit down (after he spoke to another staff from his table through the door).

so overall, the interview was okay.

it wasn’t really nerve-wrecking.

he asked me about myself and halfway through he was telling me what the job would be like.

that was before he asked me if i think i would be suitable for the job.

so i answered what crossed my mind at that time ^__^ and then he says he’ll call me by the end of the week (if i made it).


i went back and settled a few things

and i began to think

it was actually more of me feeling like i’m not so sure if i really wanted to work yet.

and somehow i end up in this place

and i saw someone sleeping


..inside the banquet room. on the chair at the middle table.

it must’ve been nice to do whatever you want at whatever time and place.

since i can’t do the thing that i wanna do now (the most), i ended up job-hunting half-heartedly.

i don’t even really feel the initial pre-interview jitters. just a pinch of nervousness. and then a whole lot of numbness.


i feel numb.

because i don’t wanna do anything right now other than what i’ve always wanted to do.

but i can’t.


and even when i can’t there’s still some kind of an expectation to fulfill

so that i’m not too worthless in that sense


and i wondered

what has my life come into?


because i’m still searching

but i feel like i don’t want to anymore


whose life is this?

whose wish is this?

is this mine?

because i still can’t see it

can’t feel like it’s mine


so i wanted to just go somewhere

and sit down and not think so much

i was tired.

and thankfully

we went somewhere afterwards for some comfort food




and the next day we packed up and went home.

all the miles throughout, i was thinking and half-wishing that i won’t have to start so soon.

i don’t know. how it’ll be like

but i know that i’m not really looking forward to it.


i’m not worried

i’m just a little torn


so i just curled up on the sofa all day playing something on my notebook

it was a good distraction.

and then i got in the kitchen to try and do something

that was a nice distraction too










that feels nice.

i even pleated the edges myself.



fry them


..and then



we made a few (enough for two days).


my little sister recently got her driving license (and the old family car kinda comes with it).

so i said to her i just wanna go out.

just out there.


and today we went to the beach, just the both of us (because the rest are  going somewhere in another state).

the way to the beach feels a bit too long



but at least we arrived




it was very warm and sunny

when we dipped in and stood up there were shadows upon the water – it was like the sun was right in the centre of the sky


it was hours before we washed up and left

for the mall.

yes it was

~a clichéd ending for a girl’s day out.


eye candy. (literally).




pretty. painful. shoes


bluecheeseboy is a crunchy bread snack.


i found a pink golf skirt on discount BUT it was a little bit too big.

(no i don’t wear skirts. but it was PINK. with a cute cut. and a BIG 30% tag inside). i figured that i could wear it at home. not for golf but for cooking in the kitchen.

good stuff. but not the right size.



i guess that was

4 days.. all wrapped in one (post).

and now i’m sitting on my bed hoping that sleep would finally find me and be my friend again.