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Published December 19, 2010 by crystalights


you know,

a lot of times we women can’t always get away with wearing certain things.

certain dangerous things.


unless you’re barbie.

but anyway.

because i have respect for myself i would feel somewhat naked if i wear things that barely function as clothes.

we wear clothes for our good health too. to keep our temperatures right.

they’re not merely tools of fashion.


when you wear such dangerous things

you don’t really know if you’re well protected and secured enough from all those threats the entire universe contains.

you know, the mental, psychological, social, physical threat that comes with such garments.

as for me, when it comes to clothing and womenswear i would like to believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

and i also would like to believe that i, like the rest of the human population, deserve as much respect from people to not be shown parts of the human body which i do not wish to see.

they tend to attack my eyes.


so please.

cut down on the peek-a-boo thingamajig.

no one wants to unintentionally guess your size and all.

and no one wants to know how stretchable your outfits are.



i thought it doesn’t matter where i’m going and who i’m seeing.

i am 23 years old after all.

i finished highschool a long time ago. 

i mean. we all have our moments being-stupid-with-friends and little immature occasions where things don’t go well between you and your hot-blood friends.

since i am supposedly going somewhere soon, i just thought that there are a few of my old friends i need to see, just for old times’ sake.

whatever happened in the past is in my memory but i don’t think it’s something i want to dig up and bitch about at a time like this.

at a time like this, i don’t wanna go through piece by piece and pick out the ones that i don’t like, or don’t feel good with.

i want to just see them for a bit.

at least enough for me to know that i didn’t hurt anyone and no one’s hurting me (anymore) now.

that i’m not hurt by anyone anymore.

so i don’t really understand why she’s reacting like me going to see them as something very unworthy of my time.

this is probably the only last bits of time i have left before leaving, of course i should go and see them.

of course i should spend my time on something that i have given my word to.

i agreed when one of them said that they wanted to see me.

so i should go. spend what little time i have left with them.

before i really leave for that specific period of time later on.


i know i’m selfish most of the time, but now i also know that i have to do everything i can while i’m still here so that there’ll be no regrets.

and if words fail me, at least my actions could show what my heart wants to say, somehow.


so i don’t understand why she doesn’t understand.

this isn’t a whim.

it is a need.

i needed to know that i can start with a clean slate later when i finally go where i’m supposed to be.



cooking daze

Published November 18, 2010 by crystalights


the kitchen light’s out but

i’m still wearing my little sister’s checquered apron.

i was cooking these couple of days, but today i decided to wear it because my auntie’s curry splashed on my dress shirt.

my yellow baby-doll back-tied dress shirt with yellow buttons and bits of yellow laces at the front – it was one of my favourites.

it looks vintage but i like it because of the comfy fabric and the cut.

and now there’re curry stains on it.


i didn’t cook the curry,

just asam fish yesterday

and today it’s spicy chicken~


hari ni grumpy sbb mase masak perut tgh lapar

ayam plak beku

cube potong2 tak boleh

last2 sentap pakai tgn (tibe2 rase mcm dr.Callie Torres plak).



hari ni raye haji dapat daging free 

(haha. i sound like a freak).

my little sister wants beef soup

(i am very weak to sick people’s food requests. klw org tgh sakit mintak nk mkn ape2 slalunye aku tak tolak. biasenye selagi aku boleh masak aku masak kan).

(maybe that’s why kot aku agak terase klau aku sakit tapi tak dpt mknn yg aku nak. sbb bile aku sakit, dlm kepale aku : “kalau tak dpt makan yg tu, tak nak makan langsung la.” mcm mase aku chicken pox dulu2 aku teringin nak mkn nasi lemak tangkak dgn ayam masak merah kt warong sebelah pjbt pos tu pas tu aku ckp ngn ayah smpai la last2 aku dpt jgak mkn).

but in the end i didn’t make the soup bcause my mom called,

dier ckp “masak ringan2 je, mak bawak balik lauk”.

and i was thinking : mcmane baru kire “masak ringan2” tu?


nsib baik dh masak utk tghari pun.

ingat kene masak sup ptg td.


i was also waiting for the sweet treats my mum’s bringing.

because yes, i have this thing for sweet things


if you check my food pics a lot of them are something like these





i like them sweet.


on a side note,

my little sister knows what a thermophile, a mesophile and a sacrophile is,

but she doesn’t know what a paedophile is.

isn’t that urmm.. geeky?


fashion unconscious

Published November 1, 2010 by crystalights


so i think, after last week’s fiasco, things are a bit..calmer (?)

it feels a little bit more lighter and easier to breathe (for now).

as long as no one talks about it, then it’s fine.

if someone starts talking about the same thing (over and over) again i don’t think i can tolerate it one more time.


on a different note

this is random, but some people can really pull off wearing shiny skinnies with plain black boots (and still rock it).


and what is that osbourne girl doing on fashion police?

wasn’t she like one of those normal american teens wearing god-knows-what doing god-knows-what like the rest of the population?

why is it that when she finally “cleaned-up” and polished herself up she gets to sit there with her expensive dress and join a group of people attempting to evaluate the fashion worthiness of some people’s choice of wardrobe?

i mean seriously, wasn’t she just like the rest of us when we were awkward and unfashionably conscious?

why is she there now, saying things about how some things look on some people?


i think as far as fashion goes, as long as it isn’t vulgar or completely disturbing then there is no need to overscrutinize.

what is fugly to some people may be unbelievably awesome to many more.



what is the point of a fashion police anyway

(it’s not like it can help save the world or something).


wedding tales

Published October 10, 2010 by crystalights


oh wow.

i thought that at least all tv3 personalities have very good command of both bahasa malaysia AND english language.

tapi tak sangke i get to listen to that kind of street-like garble known as english in that kind of ceremony.

soalan pun tak kemas.

and then he was answering her messy question while looking at her face but she was reading her cue card.

mcm ni punye cara pun boleh work in this line eh.

i am seriously baffled.

i mean seriously, how are people supposed to take you and your job seriously?

do you even understand that the person that you’re interviewing is not just some random guy?

i don’t like generalizing but i don’t think i can look at people like you the same way again.




but the wedding reception was huge. (and extravagant).

really. they even got the arabian royalty to come.

and as well as our own royalty.

but the cake-cutting ceremony dress was surprising.

i don’t really know why bernard chandran would create something like that for a malay traditional wedding.

but then it is bernard chandran afterall.

it was silver with textured glitters all over.

the cut looks big. the fit looks loose.

and the singer was kinda off-key during the couple walk.

it was the chorus of marc anthony’s “my baby you”.

and the cake. is taller than the groom.

maybe it’s the astronaut/aeronautical space thingy that i don’t quite understand, but the dress was hinting on some sort of futuristic space element (?) and the cake was shaped like that space rocket traveller (?) that he was on. yeah, i think that was probably it.


so far we only have one guy who got to travel to space.

maybe that’s why he’s like some sort of a celebrity now.

even his wedding has those little aeronautical space vibe.


no offense but sometimes i think my country is desperate for a hero.

to adore.


that could be it.


until the time comes that it is proven otherwise, i think that is how i see it.

because their adoration are truly unsubtle

(and unsettling).


(thank god he’s finally married).


(i can already imagine the commotion surrounding their first born child though).


dressing up when you’re down

Published July 25, 2010 by crystalights


my mum bought her a new purse (i don’t really understand why).

and then we were trying some clothes on and there was this baby blue long-sleeved satin dress with a matching outer layer in a lighter shade

and i wanted to try it on after her (because i secretly thought that it would look better on me)

and then mum said it doesn’t suit me (as much as it suited her).


and then i looked at my reflection on the mirror (not wanting to believe it)


i’m not upset or anything

i just don’t feel like trying on anything else


and then i started to tidy up the clothes and didn’t really have the mood to look through my wardrobe and find one for tomorrow’s wedding invitation


of course, my mood was already gone so i didn’t really care about anything else

so i wasn’t entirely pleasant to her questions, considering how i wasn’t feeling so pleasant myself


and after some heated exchange of words between us she suddenly says she’s not going to tomorrow’s wedding.

i was surprised and said “okay.”


and that is how i ruin people’s mood when my mood is ruined.

the whole thing was nothing short of ridiculous anyway

why bother


prom queen

Published July 7, 2010 by crystalights


yesterday, we made brownies.

it’s a little too moist and fudgy though.

but extremely sweet.

and now no one’s really eating it besides me and my little brother

my sweet tooth kills


i thought i only have an interview on monday

but today someone else called for another interview.

whatever that means. they’re just interviews. i’ll go to the one on monday. and then another on tuesday.

it doesn’t mean anything.

it’s like saying you’re invited to the prom. (but everyone in school’s invited to the prom, so. whatever).

owh. and schools in malaysia don’t have proms so stop turning every single thing into prom reincarnation(!)

what “princess of the night“? “lady of the gala“?

it’s tacky. and overrated.

schools in this country are supposed to be boring and prom-less.

they’re supposed to make you work hard for papers and exams and toughen up and grow up and then go to work and wear shiny leather shoes and walk the talk. and perform!

no need for your dancing shoes. you just need your rows of distinctions and accolades and then you can rule the world, one prom-less night at a time.


*turns off witch mode*


the truth is that i don’t want nice girls like my friend live thinking that all education/career-driven individuals are douches. especially if they’re young and accomplished.

but it’s so hard to prove otherwise sometimes at the current state that we’re living in.

because lots of nice girls should care more than just looking nice on a prom or prom-less night.

you can be nice and driven and accomplished- all at the same time.

you can be more than just a prom queen.

it’s your heart and mind that makes you different. on the surface, aren’t we all the same?



the annual grand dinner post

Published April 15, 2010 by crystalights


smlm prgi dinner.

esok hntar report.

hari ni respond to project supervisor.

luse (konon nak) prgi tanam pokok.


shud i write like that?

like my schedule and all. and what i’m doing. (mcm celebrity pulak).

or should i write like what i’ve always been writing:


perjalanan ke dinner tu t’rse mcm yg paling pnjg yg pnah aku rase (dlm sejarah dinner2 yg aku pnah ade sblm ni).

ditambah pule dgn bandar shah alam yg penuh dgn traffic light. (dan bandar puncak alam yg takde street lights. shit. gelap gile mlm2 gitu. pas tu msuk shah alam terang benderang mcm partytime).

tak ke t’rase pjg prjlanan ni?

sbb it feels different when it’s the end.

i was thinking of what it would be like if we end up somewhere other than the annual grand dinner.

then the car was speeding up on the flyover turning the curve.

and i was thinking of how it would be like to spend the night outside in the cold.

with our dinner apparels on.

people would probably stare and say: ksian bdak2 ni.


the dinner wasn’t really my thing.

it’s exactly how i’d imagined it to be.

it didn’t go anywhere beyond my expectation.


ktorg smpai lambat.

dh lepas appetizer, tgh main course.

pas 2 buat muke selambe mintak appetizer. haha. nk pulak waitress tu bagi. tapi yg corn soup waiter yg lg 1 tu tak bagi la (dier ckp smpai lambat terus je pd main course yg ade).*tarik muke*

dh la aku mintak plain water pun dier sruh amek sendiri (dkt HUJUNG banquet room besar tu). aku tanye waitress lain bleh je hantar segelas kat meja aku. takde mslh pun.

dh la aku tak tau pun dier tu waiter ke waitress.

aku tak tau dier ni prmpuan ke lelaki (dan aku rase sgt kesal sbb tak bijak men”detect” jantina).

pas tu dier tumpahkan air kt tgn my friend (nsib baik bukan air panas).

pas tu aku (for one of those amazingly rare times) understood why people would want to mencarut on an annual grand dinner night.


aku takdela marah pun.


tapi byk org tak habiskn dessert tu sbb ckp manis sgt.

aku rase mcm tak manis sgt (mungkin sbb slalu suke mkn bnda manis2 smpai tahap treshold manis aku dah semakin tinggi).

aku pnah mkn yg tahap lg manis drpd tu (bygkn choc cake with choc topping and choc pieces on top. yes, i like sweet things).

but the drink was horrible. tastes like cheapo powder orange drink.

it’s not even orange, it’s yellow~

that’s why i was asking for plain water (i always ask for plain water apart from any drink that i’m having, almost all the time when eating out).

pas tu the main course was so- so.

i was dissapointed with the fish though. they should have just boned it and dip it and fry it and then drizzle with sweet sour sauce!

or just make it spicy with thin gravy.

not curry it like that~



and then the photo-taking time.

people are taking so many photos throughout the dinner that it got to a point where i lost track of the whole thing and end up forgetting that they’re taking photos.


and someone broke a (supposedly) 700 bucks vase. 

(yeah right. it looks like something well below 70 bucks if you ask me.what fugly vases).

but well they seemed to be somehow convinced of its pricing. and the severity of this incident (chewah).


dahla tak dpt hdiah plajar, hdiah lucky draw pun tak dpt. hdiah pintu(doorgift) pun tak dpt.

tak dpt hdiah pe2 pun. 

nak la jgk dpt flowers tu ke (oh my god aku tak sengaje termintak sekuntum drpd prince of the night pas tu aku glak2 pas 2 aku lari). HAHAHAHA.

rase mcm org gile. nsib baik dier just snyum ketawe2 je (tak bagi pun).

klau dier bagi mesti aku rase malu mcm nk mati sbb mintak bunge drpd lelaki.


tibe2 aku rase mcm aku dh gile kjap mlm tadi.



pasni ape eh.

maybe aku tak gi tanam pokok pun luse ni sbb nxt week (insyaAllah) ader appointment ngn co-supervisor *excited*

dh lame tak jumpe dier.

project pun tergantung kjap.

tapi yela dh tulis name utk aktiviti tu. mgkin pergi je la kot.

lgpun tak pnah gi tmpat paya bakau yg real2 punye.



i’ll jst go and fnish my report-writing (dh lbih 65 page pas tu my ancient laptop tu brape kali hanging. dier ader mslh ngn high volume content wlwpn stakat mcrsft office nyer application je. mksudnye tak pyhla nk mintak smpai 60 page nye soft copy! org hntr hard copy dah la. ni sbb nak soft copy skali la ni smpai aku terpakse gabung sume bhgn jdi 1 word doc yg pjg smpai hanging mcm tu. asalnye aku dh asing2 kan bhgn utk print berasingan setiap bhgn. isyh. tak practical betul la. tapi mintak report practical mcm aper. padahal report practical spjg 3 bln mase tgh industrial attachment tu pun takdela kritikal smpai camni).

esok msti kdai printing tu full-house.

around 30 people will be looking for printing locations as well as binding services.

ni blom citer final year project lg. ni baru hal industrial attachment report je.

giler ape.



klau sape yg gi study luar negare rase begitu smart and dandy sile la blaja di sini di IPTA ini and see if you can larat all the ridiculous workload.




clue nyer : abu shah misai gagah.