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alice in wonderland

Published March 30, 2010 by crystalights


what i don’t like about alice in wonderland (the movie):

#1. the lead actress’ tone/manner of speaking/portrayal of the lead character.

alice doesn’t whine like that. alice doesn’t really “get distracted”. she is just intrigued by the wonders of the mysterious world. it isn’t that she is extremely unfocused and has a short attention span, it’s just that she is being a child at heart and is curious and bravely adventurous in discovering the things around her.

and alice isn’t cold.

#2. the mad hatter isn’t crazy enough.

the mad hatter is mad. he isn’t supposed to be all mushy and crying and hoping and emotionally vulnerable. he is supposed to be mad.crazy.insane.

end of story.

#3. the white queen.

feels so unnatural. not unreal but unnecessarily sarcastic to the whole character of pure goodness.

#4. the plot takes a very familiar path of a “good vs evil” battle.

and here goes another story with another fighting for the good of the good side.



the red queen is truly convincing.

and the effects are effectively good.


i understand that the whole thing came out probably as a venture through creative license to produce a very different version of what we’ve always known alice to be.

although such attempts are welcomed, this is what i have identified as a twisted (but not quite slash) version of alice in wonderland.

therefore, maybe it should be promoted as such (?)

the whole idea is just so that it does not put hopes to people like me who isn’t looking for something like this when i stood in line at the ticket counter.

the rest of the world seemed to like it though, congrats for that.

but i don’t think i did.





up in the air

Published March 8, 2010 by crystalights


remember when i said that i wanna see george clooney all mushy over a possibly mushy relationship?

well i changed my mind.

because george clooney, cold and unattached is much, much more appealing.


we went to see up in the air.

and he was exactly that.

he was this person who doesn’t have a person (whom he needs).

he doesn’t have a commitment with someone other than himself.

he doesn’t have like a base for a home run.

he’s always on the road, up in the air, and spends as much days away as he can.

because he can.

because he is among those whose work requires such requirements and also because he is one of those whose work defines him.

and so

when things at work saw the prospect of massive changes, he’s one of those most affected.

so he starts going a teeny weeny bit mushy (like i was anticipating him to, haha!) and goes along with the mushy instinct of having something or someone to hold on to. to go back to.


he leaves an entire room full of audience in the middle of his seminar to follow that feeling.

and look where it got him.


i was like whaat?

and so when the story ends it was a bit unbelievable but all the more believable.

but still feels so painfully unfinished and pointless and unsolved.

i was sitting on my seat waiting (hoping) that there would be something there (some sort of a closure?) but then the credits rolled and i knew that that was (all there was to) it.

maybe the pointless ending was the whole point.


there is no point.

(quoted from the movie).

no point in putting your efforts on people who have all the reasons to leave as much as you have all the reasons to not stay

no point in compromising your way of life just to indulge yourself in that possibility of togetherness

of believing that something more could be there for you in the form of a human touch

there is no point.

but people do it anyway because it makes them feel like they’re home. 

and even after all that

i still like this movie

because it is something that i can amazingly relate with.

he has to keep moving to not feel like it’s the only thing that keeps him moving

and that there’s nothing else there that keeps him from moving (nothing to look forward to if he stops moving)

(i don’t really understand how this movie could be PG-13 in my country though. scenes aren’t really that explicit or graphical, but i don’t quite know how i would explain to a 13 yr old kid what happens the morning after). 

when he finally received the 10 000 miles loyalty reward and the cabin crew with the captain came to him and gave him his card and he looks at the card and tells the captain that he’d forgotten what to say, unlike how he has imagined it to be like all those times before. that look on his face when he spoke those words was the kind of look that made me understood the whole enormity of being Ryan Bingham.

and hence the question of : in the course of a lifetime, does it matter?


any one of us could have been a Ryan Bingham at one point in our lives

too late

two choices

to stay or leave

maybe not that many of us


not everyone gets to see the light at the end of the tunnel




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mirror mirror on the wall

Published March 7, 2010 by crystalights


i didn’t know earlier that i would be sleeping alone in this empty house yesterday night with all the lights on.


silly me

and then morning came and i don’t know why evryone seems to be awake so darn early on a sunday morning like this.

the phone was buzzing and my sleep was chopped into bits AGAIN

so i got up and CLEANED MY ROOM (wow!) with the exception of the wardrobe, and i’m going to go get ready in about an hour’s time.

actually, i always need about an hour and a half to get ready. even if it’s just for work. or class. or whatever.

and that is strange because i don’t even really wear make up.

but i always take that long. (even when i usually have my outfits ironed out the night before).

maybe it’s the 25 minutes in the bathroom+toilet.

and the 10 minutes dressing up

and the 5 minutes packing up

and the lots and lots of minutes in front of the mirror.

View Image

i’ve always wanted one of these (!)

but the one that i spend lots and lots of time with are just the ones on the wall


i wanna watch george clooney’s “up in the air”.

i wonder if it’s really good (like what some people say).

because george is always playing one of those big-shot characters like a doctor, or a business-ish man, or a professional million-dolar swindler/stealer/robber, or a high-ranking military personnel and ALL THAT JAZZ.

i wanna see mushy george in denial over a possible mushy relationship (yummy!)

hopefully there’re tickets for that today *is hoping*


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pretty beautiful.

Published February 10, 2010 by crystalights


the reason i like the movie “pretty woman” was that the lead female role wasn’t just a pretty woman.

she’s a woman of substance. [yes, no matter what kind of occupation and attitude she carries with her].

it’s not that i’m supporting her career [you know what kind of career i’m referring to if you’ve seen the movie].

what i’m saying is that even though she works as that, she still has that substance. and that sense of presence when she’s around other people.

because of that, she is beautiful and pretty as a woman.


as far as beauty goes, it is afterall superficial.

but a face of perfection allows better chances of you being acknowledged and known.

people want to know you because you’re beautiful.

and maybe then they’ll try to fit their lives into yours.

because you’re beautiful, people actually wanted to come to you and stay [with you].

they would want to get to know you and discover you.

maybe you can go around and enjoy all the attention.

maybe you can just pretend you didn’t notice it and tone down that little flutter of excitement bubbling inside.

maybe you can pretend that you’re not that beautiful.

but you cannot and must not complain.

you will not whine and grumble about something which has been bestowed upon you but unreachable to others.

because you have what so many others would want to deserve.

to be beautiful.

so no.

you do not have the rights to rant about how ugly your life is when you are the beautiful being. the fortunate soul.

because you don’t even know what an un-beautiful life is like.

you don’t know how it feels like to wonder if your words would come through easier if you are a little bit more prettier.

you have all the attention of the world at your feet even when you’re doing nothing, while some people had to do so much while slowly scraping by and patiently struggle for it to be given.

just because you’re beautiful.

and no matter how superficial that is, it is what it is today.

and even if you feel like your life isn’t all that pretty as you are, at least it isn’t as unpretty as some other souls who isn’t like you.

so there.


you have so much to be thankful for.