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Pencipta dan ciptaan-Nya.

Published January 28, 2011 by crystalights

mak ckp kasih syg Allah tu 3 kali ganda kasih syg seorg ibu.

di mana bila hamba-Nya buat silap dan salah pun Dia masih memberi dan melimpahkan kurnia-Nya.

masih beri rezeki.

masih beri peluang utk kembali ke jalan yg satu.

are we the kind of people who “take, take, take but you never give”?

sbg hamba-Nya,

tuhan ciptakan kita untuk beribadat kepada-Nya.

beribadat tu ader byk cara, tak kisahla samaada kita bekerja, atau belajar, atau lakukan apa2 pun sehari2 dgn niat tertentu yg ada dlm hati.

org yg buat sesuatu kerana Allah, akan buat sesuatu tu dgn bersungguh2 dan insyaAllah akan terpelihara oleh-Nya sepanjang waktu itu.

bila kita buat sesuatu kerana Allah, sesuatu itu ibarat ibadah kita, dan kerana kita bertanggungjawab atas ibadah kita maka kita pun tak boleh lakukannya tanpa kesungguhan.


tuhan takkan menguji kita dengan sesuatu yg diluar kemampuan kita.

kalau sesuatu tu berlaku pd kita, mungkin itu lah sesuatu yg diturunkan sbg dugaan utk kita.

dan ujian tu ader byk bentuk dan jenisnye. kdg2 kita diuji dgn kesusahan, kdg2 kita diuji dgn kesenangan.

Nabi Ibrahim dikurniakan anak yg dier sgt syg, setelah sekian lama menginginkan anak.

kemudian dier diuji oleh Allah dgn perintah menyembelih anaknya sendiri (utk dilihat sejauh mana sygnya pd Allah terjejas atau tidak dgn kelahiran anak kesayangannye, Nabi Ismail).

it wasn’t easy for him, because dier syg pd anaknya tp tetap syg pd Allah. dan Allah tetap yg paling atas dlm hatinya jadi dier pun bersedia utk menyembelih anak yg disayangi tu dan anak itu pun rela disembelih kerana juga menyayangi Allah.

dan akhirnye, kerana Allah yg paling maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang, Allah tukarkan Nabi Ismail dgn seekor kibas jadi selamatlah Nabi Ismail dari menjadi sembelihan bapanya.

itulah antara bukti kasih syg Allah.

bukti2 kasih syg-Nya ada byk disekeliling kita, dlm hari2 semalam dan juga hari2 esok yg akan mendtg.


jadi kasih syg yg abadi tu tetap dari Allah, dan takkan sama dgn kasih syg dari manusia.


so everytime a manusia hurts me, i get angry. but i just think that he is just a manusia and manusia are like that. it’s not an excuse but it’s what he is.

dan hanya tuhan yg paling sempurna dan paling maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang.

dan mungkin tempat kita sandarkan harapan adalah pada tuhan. bukan pada manusia.

sbb manusia shj tak mencukupi.

sbb tu kita perlukan tuhan.



rising sun. setting sun.

Published May 22, 2010 by crystalights

(sepat beach, 2009)


even though our words are written in the sand

it will be immediately washed away by the waves 

i wish to see the line

where the earth meets the sky

where the sunset meets the night

where the wind blows

and the sand glows

where you and i are mere passersby

on a stretch of space with our heads held high



stage play and fate’s play

Published March 27, 2010 by crystalights


when i was in kindergarten, i was one of the fortunate baby ducklings in “the ugly duckling” stage play at my school’s concert day.

i had yellow feathers clipped on my head, wearing a yellow dress and fiery red lipstick.

i wasn’t scared.

i was excited.

even though i was a character with no lines.

i was happy.

we also had the aerobics group performance. i wanted to be in the fan dance performance, but somehow i ended up in the aerobics performance. the teacher put me in the front row.

when the performance day arrived, we went on stage and did our thing. (literally. our thing).

because apparently all of us kinda forgot our routines halfway through the song. so me (myself) being the frontman the girl at the front, began to move to my own reinvented steps (and the rest of the kids at the back followed).

it was a strange save.

and then suddenly

it was time for the photo-taking session (and i don’t know why i got soo nervous)

cameras were flashing everywhere and we were standing on stage according to class

i was so freaking nervous that i fidgeted, twitched and picked my nose!

it was unbelievably one of the most embarassing moments of my kindergarten life.

and the pictures all have me touching my nose!

it was horrible.

and i don’t even have a copy of those pics (because that person who took them doesn’t seem to want to share).

the thing is that when i was the baby duckling and the aerobics front-girl, i didn’t really realize that there is a hall full of people watching.

i didn’t quite realize that there is quite an audience.

it was only me in my own little 5 years old world, trying to move like a duckling. and an aerobic-loving kid.

i was only the little duckling swimming in a huge pond.

no pressure.

no self-consciousness.

but now that i’m almost 23 doing things that i have to do (whether or not i want to), sometimes i missed that innocent 5 years old little world of mine.

because when you get older, it isn’t that easy for you to speak the truth and not having to lie about everything.

sometimes i always end up wondering why i end up where i ended up in.

and maybe life is a puzzle

which may never be completed.

your idea of peace.

Published December 11, 2009 by crystalights


i read this article and found this :

The president laid out circumstances in which war is justified — in self-defense, to come to the aid of an invaded nation, on humanitarian grounds such as when civilians are slaughtered by their own government.


so why are there still U.S troops in Afghanistan?

it’s NOT for self-defense, NOT to come to the aid of an invaded nation, and definitely NOT on humanitarian grounds.

can somebody please tell me why he won the Nobel PEACE Prize ?

No matter how you try to justify a war on a country that you are not part of on a land that you do not own, haven’t your invasion jeopardized a nation’s search for peace?

and yet

Let us reach for the world that ought to be

We can understand that there will be war, and still strive for peace


or so you say.

you’re saying it like it means something.

although perhaps thousands more will pay for the price of your idea of peace.


waging wars at the palm of your hands

..when this is not even your last resort.

isn’t it ironic how a Nobel Peace Prize winner would justify the war as an idea of achieving peace.

of course wars are waged throughout the history of mankind, but to know that you have the power to stop it and to choose NOT to

..well isn’t that something.