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why not makan

Published March 23, 2011 by crystalights


i think if you like something it doesn’t matter how often you want to eat it (as long as it’s something you’re allowed to eat and it doesn’t affect your health or economic conditions in any way).

i mean,

if it’s something that you like then it really is your choice if you want to eat it every month, or every week, or every friggin’ day.

i don’t think it’s weird. or sick. or friggin’ kesian.

biarla org nk mkn slalu, klw dh itu yg org suke mkn. kalau kau tak suke, tak pyh la mkn. tak perlu la setiap kali tgok org mkn the same thing you want to buat gaye2 “kesian” kan org tu. it’s annoying tau tak.

memangla dpt pahale bile bersimpati/berbelas kasihan kat org sesama Islam, tapi tak pyh la nak buat gaye mcm laa org tu takde benda lain yg dier boleh dan mampu makan sampai kau nak berbahase mcm dier ni takde keupayaan untuk memilih makanan.

serious annoying giler!

some people just like to eat the same thing. some people just don’t want to spend too much time in creating multiple varieties of gourmet food and all that jazz because their time is limited, they rather read more books than cook more food, okay. deal with it.

just because they don’t cook like some big shot cullinary chef it doesn’t mean that they are very “disadvantaged” people.

they just like to prioritize their student load more than their personal whims.

maybe they’re thinking “cukupla aku makan to survive, tak special pun takpe”.

if other people believe in the opposite, then it’s up to them.

tak payah la nak talk in a degrading manner about other people’s food life choices.



dah aku malas nak pikir.

baik makan dlm bilik je.

buat serabot je masuk dapur.



not my mistake.

Published November 10, 2010 by crystalights


i don’t know what is the matter with me today but

i just know that i am effin’ angry raging mad.


aku punye lapar mcm dh tahap kebulur sbb dh pkul 2ptg tak sumbat 1 ape pun lgi.

pagi tadi sibuk. pas tu mcm2 bnda pulak yg kene buat bile org balik awal tghari.

aku nak makan nasi dgn ikan goreng tu.

ikan tu yg aku goreng.

ikan yg aku goreng tu.

aku yg goreng ikan tu.

bile aku nk mkn tgok2 dh tinggal sisa.


dah la meja berkecah.

i really have a problem with people who don’t clean up after themselves.

lagi2 kalau yg jenis2 mcm anak2 yg mak buatkan semue bnda smpai pinggan dh mkn pun mak yg basuh.

ooh, serious shit. no way.

one day aku mungkin akan jadi mak yg garang yg ader anak2 yg tak tahan dgn aku tapi aku tak rase aku sanggup tgok kalau anak2 aku jadi manusia2 pemalas yg menyusahkan org.


pas tu aku tau aku ni bukan jenis penyabar

tapi ader jugak bnda dlm dunia ni mesti jugak kene sabar

bile dh time aku nk mkn tak pyh la nak desak2 aku buat bnda lain yg bukan kau nak immediately pun. kau cume nak aku siapkan je. nanti2 pun aku boleh buat. kau sruh aku buat, time tu aku nak mkn. pas tu aku dh buat aku dtg balik ikan aku dh kene mkn.

bukannye kau bleh ader kan balik ikan goreng tu.

bukannye kau jenis goreng ikan pun. goreng bnda2 lain pun tidak.

kau mkn nasi pun org siapkan.

aku nak mkn nasi kau pulak sibuk nak sruh aku buat benda lain.

iklan tu blom kluar pun lagi. kalau siapkan skarang pun bukannye boleh submit awal2.


sume nak buat aku melenting je la.

aku pun penat jgak.

memangla kau ckp “isi pelan-pelan” tapi kau ingat kalau aku buat slow2 kau boleh sabar ke?


ape lagi

aku pun marah la.

aku pun ckp: asek org prempuan je yg kene ..etc.., org lelaki buat aper ..etc..?

then aku gi toilet.

aku kluar toilet tibe2 kau ader.

aku tak tau la ko dgar ke tak, tapi aku rase stakat ni aku tak peduli la kau dgar ke kau tak dgar.

i mean what i said.

i won’t take it back

thank you very much.


rants: cerita hari rabu.

Published November 10, 2010 by crystalights


dah la aku malas nak gi konvo.

pas tu aku malas nk gi bank, byr yuran konvo.

pas tu tgh tggu giliran membayar tu, tibe2 kereta kene saman la pulak.

kene saman dgn polis raja di malaysia diraja malaysia pulak tu. (bukan dgn PBT).

saman ader dua keping pulak tu.

konon menghalang lalu-lintas dgn takde road tax.


tak rase suay (su-way/su-wei) ke konvokesyen ni?


makcik pengguna bank tu pun satu hal.

org dh siap nak ambik nmbr gilirn dier sruh org isikan borang utk dier. tgok muke takde la tua mane pun smpai tak boleh nak bace borang sndiri. tapi nampak pulak borang mane nak di-isi.

last2 kesian. aku isi la jgk. borang mak cik yg byk duit tu. (kuar duit smpai ribu tapi sruh aku isi, tak bahaye ke. kot2 aku tulis extra kt situ pas tu volunteer amekkan duit skali tak ke naye).

pas tu nmbr gilirn aku la yg lmbat.

pas tu kereta kiter yg kene saman.

pas tu ayah balik tarik muke

mcm nak kunyah je kertas saman tu

pas tu kene bebel.


mak kater saman takder road tax tu lgi mahal drpd harge 1 road tax.



where did all that tax money go anyway?

tgok jlnraya kat pekan ni takde la elok maner pun.

sopak merata2.

buat jln mcm tak siap.

parking atas line putih tepi bank pun nak saman “menghalang lalu lintas”.

dah la tempat parking tak ckup.

tnggu traffic light tapi dah hijau pun tak boleh jalan

sbb kene bgi laluan kt segerombolan VVIP lalu lintas dulu

pas tu by the time dorg hbis lalu je traffic light merah balik

kene tnggu lagi satu round punye traffic light-waiting.


whoever invented this effin’ sick road rule anyway?

dah la kene tala. kene lanyak. pas tu kene pijak lagi.


org yg dh dpt byk benefit dpt lg privilege. exceptions. excuses. immunity.

what an undeserving world.

people who risk their backs to earn money then have to risk their backs to spend money and then have to risk their backs to save even a little bit of money.

how can we ever earn enough money if this is the kind of life that we’re trapped into?


isn’t it just a vicious circle?

isn’t voting just a waste of time?


does the wakil rakyat speak on behalf of the rakyat? or on behalf of himself?

does he serve his people, or his people serve him?


my mummy’s orchids

Published October 1, 2010 by crystalights


what the hell

she took my mummy’s orchid!

the one with the purple flowers



my dad was ranting throughout lunch because of that.


how can you take someone’s plants when they are still in full bloom?

the purple one. is gone.

that was a whole lot of flowers!

i knew that one of her friends would probably do this

but i still can hardly believe it’s happening.

i didn’t even know it did

i just got out and heard my dad ranting about something and then i went to check and see and i saw that the whole purple bunch was gone.


even if you want some of it to plant in your own home, you could have at least leave the flowering ones alone.

isn’t that common sense?

do you know how difficult it is to get one plant to flower?

of course you know, you have plants too. you garden your ass off, right?

in fact, you have been planting orchids (which refuses to flower) for a very long time, right?

well that thing right there bloomed in my mother’s hands

how could you just come here and nip it off for your own garden?


i’m not even an orchid fan

but my mother loves them

and you of all people know how much my parents love them

they went to that orchid event to personally pick the right ones

they even put up a few branches in the lawn to hold the smaller ones

and you just come and take them away?


by the way

i don’t think they’ll bloom in your hands

even that particular orchid that you keep for years didn’t bloom, they only start blooming under my mum’s care when you gave it to her (because you’re ready to throw it away).

for years the orchid didn’t sprout flowers in your home but when it did flower in our home suddenly you said that you gave my mum a good quality breed.

what are you?

what are you trying to do?

you gave some orchid that you didn’t want anymore to my mum and then you take away her own precious flowering one?


you know what

just stay away from my mum


we don’t need to be near parasites like this.



Published April 22, 2010 by crystalights



and i fell for it.

i thought you were trying to reappear after your episodic disappearance but


why do you think i totally pwned your special friend and still feel like the last unspecial being on earth?

well. some people really have that ability to increase your self worthlessness.


grow up dawg~

if you want to feel special you don’t have to have a special across-the-continent friend to tell you special things.

you just take your effin pc/notebook and plug in the net and voila~  you have all the latest special-est things at the tips of your fingers (this is why i like net-surfing on the road).


no one has to hold the part time job of keeping you informed so that you’ll feel special, because you can be your own perfectly special self without such special friend(s).

ha ha.

i am soo annoyed i’m becoming annoying too.

how could i actually believed that this time it’d be different?

i mean, coming from someone who’s been m.i.a-ing for quite a while, this has got to be the biggest, lamest, play of word exchange i’ve ever had from someone soo predictable.

i mean seriously.

i’m not in love with my country.

but i do give a damn about my country and it’s people.

and of course. all the other countries which i managed to actually give a damn about – yeah, that too.

even though there’s so much that i’m dissatisfied with in this homeland of mine, it’s still my homeland and i won’t put my home behind my girlish dreams of ever after.

i don’t think it’ll make me feel special if i can find a normal country bumpkin (like me) and spew my unlatest update that i got from my (imported) special friend about the things that my (imported) special friend supposedly knows first because said country is the origin of said update.

major LOL!

does that mean that if Man U scored a goal tonight i will only know about it tomorrow night because i don’t live in (Greater) Manchester?



and my point in question would be : where have you been (for the last century or so) ?

oh my god.

i am soo bitchy tonight.

maybe the dissapointment sucked all logical rationale from my hardwired brain or something.

maybe i was expecting some greatness from you.

ha ha.

what a joke.

i was actually expecting you to at least have some grace about it.

you know, at least just for the sake of keeping up appearances.

i thought you were going for that.

i mean, i kinda hoped for your genuine good intentions but wait a minute : who am i kidding?

is there even such a thing left on earth between people?

human beings can be so typically predictable, it’s inevitable.

ah well.

it’s okay.

i forgive you for falling within the normal distribution of the curve.

i just need to stop hoping for such (miraculously GOOD) things. especially not from people (like you).

so long then.