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Published December 12, 2011 by crystalights

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stereotyped scribbles

Published May 4, 2010 by crystalights


i grow up with stereotypes.


girls cry their hearts out.

boys laugh their ass out.

pretty babes wear pink.

athletes sweat a lot.

jocks are jerks.

hot guys like hot girls.

hot girls love cold guys.

emo-ing is a sign of wimpy-ness.




i grew up with stereotypes.



you like her.

you’re her devoted fanboy.

you even write like her.

you’re like a male version of her.

and you’re not gay.


she’s a model who writes blogs.


you’re a fanboy of a model who writes blogs.


models are pretty. petite. and particularly preened.


so from this i can hypothetically induce that:

a fan of a model = fan of pretty, petite and particularly preened people.

attraction of prettyness = attraction is physical.


but you seem like someone who is a careful word-portrayer.

careful word portrayer = slightly reserved and deep.


taking into consideration your musical preferences:

akon = commercial sexually inclined music

but you’re a guy.



[a.attraction which is physical + b.slightly reserved (but not deep) + c.commercial sexually inclined music] + other mentionable reading other than the dictionary = typical male exhibitionist.


and that is why you’re just one of her thousands of fanboys.

people like you probably make up 95% of the normal distribution.

you as a sample population would be highly likely to pass the kolmogorov smirnov normality test with a significance greater than 0.05 and you as a sample group among all the rest of the sample groups would probably be about the same characteristic and passing the Levene’s Test of homogeneity where equal variances between you and the rest can be assumed.

you’re all the same, aren’t you?



i grew up with stereotypes.

(and aren’t you one of them?)