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Published October 10, 2010 by crystalights


oh wow.

i thought that at least all tv3 personalities have very good command of both bahasa malaysia AND english language.

tapi tak sangke i get to listen to that kind of street-like garble known as english in that kind of ceremony.

soalan pun tak kemas.

and then he was answering her messy question while looking at her face but she was reading her cue card.

mcm ni punye cara pun boleh work in this line eh.

i am seriously baffled.

i mean seriously, how are people supposed to take you and your job seriously?

do you even understand that the person that you’re interviewing is not just some random guy?

i don’t like generalizing but i don’t think i can look at people like you the same way again.




but the wedding reception was huge. (and extravagant).

really. they even got the arabian royalty to come.

and as well as our own royalty.

but the cake-cutting ceremony dress was surprising.

i don’t really know why bernard chandran would create something like that for a malay traditional wedding.

but then it is bernard chandran afterall.

it was silver with textured glitters all over.

the cut looks big. the fit looks loose.

and the singer was kinda off-key during the couple walk.

it was the chorus of marc anthony’s “my baby you”.

and the cake. is taller than the groom.

maybe it’s the astronaut/aeronautical space thingy that i don’t quite understand, but the dress was hinting on some sort of futuristic space element (?) and the cake was shaped like that space rocket traveller (?) that he was on. yeah, i think that was probably it.


so far we only have one guy who got to travel to space.

maybe that’s why he’s like some sort of a celebrity now.

even his wedding has those little aeronautical space vibe.


no offense but sometimes i think my country is desperate for a hero.

to adore.


that could be it.


until the time comes that it is proven otherwise, i think that is how i see it.

because their adoration are truly unsubtle

(and unsettling).


(thank god he’s finally married).


(i can already imagine the commotion surrounding their first born child though).



dressing up when you’re down

Published July 25, 2010 by crystalights


my mum bought her a new purse (i don’t really understand why).

and then we were trying some clothes on and there was this baby blue long-sleeved satin dress with a matching outer layer in a lighter shade

and i wanted to try it on after her (because i secretly thought that it would look better on me)

and then mum said it doesn’t suit me (as much as it suited her).


and then i looked at my reflection on the mirror (not wanting to believe it)


i’m not upset or anything

i just don’t feel like trying on anything else


and then i started to tidy up the clothes and didn’t really have the mood to look through my wardrobe and find one for tomorrow’s wedding invitation


of course, my mood was already gone so i didn’t really care about anything else

so i wasn’t entirely pleasant to her questions, considering how i wasn’t feeling so pleasant myself


and after some heated exchange of words between us she suddenly says she’s not going to tomorrow’s wedding.

i was surprised and said “okay.”


and that is how i ruin people’s mood when my mood is ruined.

the whole thing was nothing short of ridiculous anyway

why bother


random scribbles on a tuesday.

Published May 25, 2010 by crystalights


it’s late afternoon/early evening~

normally at this time of the day we’ll be sitting around together figuring out what to eat

..and then deciding about a few hours later.


we’ll probably have something like this

noodles + seafood/seasnacks + veges with spicy tom yam gravy brewing in a hot pot and served with two separate sauces


but now that i’m far out

we don’t have this dish here, huhu.


suddenly teringat sbb nmpak udang goreng tadi, huhu.

(tapi tak bleh makan lg. blom time).



malam ni berusaha utk tido awal (esok try bangun pagi. fighting!)


sementare tu, layan budak ni tgok2 mjlh pengantin;

her: “wei, suami dier tinggi giler pas tu isteri dier pendek

          giler!” (sambil gelak ala2 halilintar)

me: “taklah. agaknye s’tanjak dier yang buat dier nampak tinggi


her: “tak wei, isteri dier ni memang gnome!” (sambil gelak

          xtra giler)


her: “wei, malu gile wei amek gamba mcm ni pas tu hantar kat


me: “aper yg malunyer? ni lagi malu” (sambil tnjuk gmbar

          pengantin naik basikal)


her: “omg! wei tgok ape dier pakai ni-“


and then she finally finishes the whole magazine and says:

“nampaknye nanti bile aku nak kahwin nanti aku kene design baju kahwin aku sendiri la”.


suddenly i remembered my friend’s wedding gift preparation

(the bodyshop spa set with a matching towel)

according to traditional malay culture, the groom will give their wedding gifts for the bride on trays (in odd numbers) to the bride on the wedding day, and the bride will respond by sending their prepared set of wedding gifts for the groom (also in odd numbers, but more than the number that the groom gave).

so if the groom gives 7 trays of gifts, the bride must give 9 or 11 or 13 and so on (because the numbers must be an odd number).



well, the interesting part would be the type of gifts that the bride and the groom puts for each other.

the more traditional ones would be quality fabrics to make the “baju kurung”

or pretty cakes and artsy biscuits

but the more modern ones are electronical gadgets like the i-phone or a PDA


weddings are rather elaborate

and cultures enrich them, don’t you think? 

before the cake was cut : a wedding perspective.

Published December 9, 2009 by crystalights


remember when i talked about the wedding invitation i received by mail?

the dark blue one with matte gold writings on white paper.

i actually arrived at the wedding last week.

it was

quite an event.

but unfortunately, i didn’t stay for long.

i left before the cake-cutting ceremony, right after the 10th gown [aftr the bride’s wardrobe change].

it’s not that i didn’t wanna see it, it’s jst that i’m not sure if i can handle seeing it.

you see, it’s hard to describe it but i was afraid that i’m ruining the wedding or the wedding’s ruining me.

don’t get me wrong, the wedding was pretty amazing.

the setting was amazing

the food was amazing

the mood is amazing

and the wedding ring was AMAZING. [diamonds are a girl’s best friend].

this is a big day, for every one of us.

she’s my close friend.

i was there when she got engaged, i carried one of the trays with the engagemnt gift items.

back then we were only 19-20 yr olds.

and 2 yrs later now that i finally arrived at her home seeing her in her gown and veil and tiara and flowers in her hands, it felt unbelievably surreal.

this highschool friend of mine who sat next to me in the same class whn we were just young and fifteen. and she was the school prefect and i was the never-ending tardy student [who always ran out of stationeries and borrowed hers like ALWAYS]. we celebrated our birthdays in the school cmpound with the rest of the group and had our extra classes on weekends in that same school.

so when i arrived at her wedding reception, it felt like i’m stepping into a scene of my imagination. they were in the middle of their photo session and i was just there, tryng to grasp the reality of her wedding.

of this girl who is already someone’s wife.

she looks so happy and content and because of that, i’m happy for her too.

my friend has finally moved on and found her true calling.


wht does that make me?

note to self : don’t go to weddings alone [especially if it’s your close friend’s wedding].

i was lucky that my self-cntrol held back my urge to cry.

because this wedding makes me feel a little nostalgic, a little sentimental.

i should have brought someone with me.

well i guess i was overwhelmed at how evrythng around me seems to change in the blink of an eye while my life seems to still be at a standstill.

and then i realized that maybe it’s because my entire life i’ve been fighting to make sure that nothing’s changed. that i could make things stay permanent.

isn’t it strange how such a happy occasion could stir up strange feelings frm within me?

maybe there is somethng wrong with me.

i feel like i’m still swimming thru the waves but the shore seems to be farther and farther away.

and i still have yet to reach my destination.

to my friend :

congratulations on your wedding. may you always be blessed with love and happiness.

and sorry that i missed the cake-cutting ceremony.

if i wasn’t so pressed for time i would gladly spend the night.

but because there are so many things that are unsettled, i had to leave [well, THAT and a bunch of other emotionally unstable matters.. but that is another story to be told perhaps in another time].

so there.

your wedding was amazing

but because i was not

i had to go before my tears ruin your big day.

i’m sorry but thank you for letting me be a part of this grand occasion ♣