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micky park

Published June 4, 2011 by crystalights

happy birthday Micky Park Yoochun ^__^

i knew i missed something, it turns out today’s your birthday~


all the best in your future endeavours

and hopefully there’s another version of you out there

so that some people could have a shot at happiness

even when they’re not you and they don’t carry half of your heart

but at least

you exist and that is happiness to some


so i guess,

happy birthday (and good luck with the new project!)




3 out of 5 tvxq

Published August 18, 2010 by crystalights


i initially didn’t want to see them before they’re all together again, because in a way, i guess that is how i’m keeping the faith (in them, together).

so i avoided anything related to that.

but then.

i somehow caved in. and saw a slice of their (5-2) performance

-and it feels like that song must have hit close to home for the 3 of them

“well don’t make me close one more door

i don’t wanna hurt anymore

stay in my arms if you dare

or must i imagine you there

don’t walk away from me

i have nothing

if i don’t have you”


YC and JJ are breadwinners of their family.

even if they are seeking more freedom and space in terms of their contract, they at least deserve some considerations.

because they of all people know what it’s like when you have too much to lose, too much to stand for.

they of all people have given away so much so early in that road which brought them to that name.

everyone needs some form of stability and assurance that they can be fine at the end of the journey.

it is not wrong to know what you want and be brave enough to fight for it

and it is not wrong to want your dreams and the ones closest to you with you, all at the same time

why couldn’t it turn out differently than it did?

wouldn’t it have been simple if their choices are not bound to their fate as 5?

if their decisions as 3 are not their verdict as 5?

wouldn’t it be better if their stance as 3 are not their punishment as 5?

yes, punishment.

this feels a lot like a punishment.

because if whatever happening to the 3 is left between them and the culprit without anyone implicating their positions as one (of 5), then they would still have been 5 now, wouldn’t they?

i think this happened because the company was used to having their way in everything, without much need for diplomacy and consideration to different individual’s needs.

no objections, no rebellions for so long and then when something like this happened then suddenly everything is pulled in and painted red.

it’s sad

that people were robbed of their love and dreams just for standing up to what they feel is right.


what’s even more sad is that they have to wait until the storm is over

before their sunshine can be seen again


saenghil chukka hamnida

Published June 4, 2010 by crystalights


happy birthday


may all your inspirations be eloquently expressed in your future masterpieces

and may you always write, create and express with all your heart


happy 24th birthday

micky park yoochun

>>June 2010<<

baby sky

all the dreams and hopes made of your eyes



travelog. travelogue.

Published May 25, 2010 by crystalights


a few days ago, i was here

i went there for some stuff at the site’s convention centre 

(the closest shot to the event’s halls)

but i wandered around 

and found something else

“with all my heart,

find me and i’ll be there for you”

captioned at the bottom.

so, of course.

my fangirlish heart started screaming inside~

one of my favourite bookstores

organized a theme of one of my favourite vocal groups

on glass display quoting one of my favourite lines

from one of my favourite songs.

so i hurried inside

and discovered that they’re actually doing a special feature promoting the group for the month of may

and there’s a whole shelf of books and magazines that the boys had appeared on before

including group releases and solos (even JJ’s an-an was there).

the cutest part is probably the manga about them and their legal battle

although i don’t understand the japanese writings, the drawings efficiently tells the story (drawn pictures of 3 out of 5 members and a statement on paper with signatures = legal battle).

owh, and there’s even a drawing of that tattoo on the chest (haha).

and yes.

everything’s in japanese.

(they’re all in the japanese section. of kinokuniya).


and then my lil’ sister came and lectured me about being a mindless bimbo fangirl

so i kinda pointed her a magazine showing another group that she sorta like

so she took her time to see (while i wandered around the bookstore).


and when we got out we sat in a sportswear shop.

and she asked me about the near future (which i honestly don’t quite know)

i like to make myself believe

the planet earth runs slowly

it’s hard to say

that i’d rather stay awake when i’m asleep

’cause nothing is ever as it seems

that song was playing on in the store

and so i sang along.


we went and stopped at the cupcakes booth

and they look so amazing (with sexy names)

(this is “dark secret”).

there’s “the morning after”, something “affair” and some other sexy names for a cupcake.


we bought “vanilla dream” and another sexy cupcake (i forgot the name).


and they taste amazing too, pretty frostings and all~

the cute little cupcakes come in white boxes and paperbags

so we walked some more and found something else

but that would be

another story to be told another time~ (haha)

(sorry but it’s almost dawn, i only have a few hours left).


you know

when you travel all the way

there’s always one thing or another that you’ll eventually find~


so with that, i’ll pen-off for now.

»(KLCC, 2010)«



Published April 19, 2010 by crystalights


i’m in the middle of calculating/scoring my project samples/materials.

and i was almost halfway through watching the first episode of sunao ni narenakute.

yup, it’s JJ’s japanese acting debut.

considering it’s not technically his 1st acting venture (heaven’s postman marks the 1st non dbsk film), and if i’m not mistaken heaven’s postman involved some partly japanese workteam too, so i wasn’t really surprised to see him on film. again.

japan loves him.

i was surprised though, to not see yoochun on any (non-dbsk) film or drama any sooner than his current SKK Scandal project.

yoochun is totally drama material.

he has that characteristic appeal that pulls people in and make them stay.

(i think it’s the sad eyes).



JJ has always been so adorable and caring and nurturing.

but then they created this very innocent naive submissive character in the drama and put him in that role.

i think kitagawa created that character thinking of him, but it went a bit further than what i’ve always known JJ to be.

and if it is true that the role was written with him in mind, then it’s a bit unbelievable how he pulled it off like that.

because personally i think, JJ isn’t someone who would do everything and slave his ass off for some random people. he is someone who does everything and devotes his time especially for the PEOPLE HE CARES ABOUT.

it isn’t him simply being an angel to every random person, it is him being his own thoughtful selfless self to the people he holds dear, the ones closest to his heart.

he loves and cares for people in that way.

and that’s what makes him JJ.

i cringed at the feet massage part. but i understand it’s part of the story and his character.

maybe he wouldn’t mind doing it if it’s for the people important to him. like family. or the members (?)

but then in that character that doctor with the black socks on was probably just a client or something. JJ’s character shouldn’t even be massaging his feet. (i wailed at that part).

but anyway.

he did pull it off as a naive, clean-cut, hardworking, earnest, (but eager-looking and enthusiastic) korean with an innocent non-frizzy hairstyle living in japan who tweets and sells medical equipments and has a good heart.

although when he smiles i thought i saw that slightest hint of the infamous Joongie’s evil smirk (haha).

he runs around like a very cute salesman.

and i wished that he doesn’t have to carry that black briefcase around (it makes him look un-doctor-ish although he really isn’t one. why hadn’t the rest of the other characters figured that out by now? in-house doctors doesn’t need to carry briefcases).


i wasn’t really drawn to the twitter plot.

but then, it’s only the first half of the first episode, who knows the whole thing might turn out a little more different than in the beginning.

and so we wait (patiently). for now.


i think his “rising sun” hair would suit his character better. layered jet black with asymmetrical fringes.


just the right kind for a dedicated salesperson.



why do i feel like the photographer role is more suitable for him?

carrying cameras and film rolls while wearing casual shirts and pants and talking like the guy next door or bickering like a normal sounding lad.

..that sounds more like him.


remember “hug”.

Published November 6, 2009 by crystalights



and evryone should really eat. and remember.


i miss them. all 5 of them together.


JJ must have missed cooking for all 5 of them too, i guess.


changmin may have missed JJ’s meals too.


and they must have missed Junsu’s eung kyang kyang too.


and yoochun’s pretty guffaws and snickers.

complete with that greasy mushiness.


and yunho’s cutely hidden antics beneath all that manliness.


i look at them.

and i remember “hug”.


maybe if evryone remembers “hug”, then things will be okay again.


things should be okay again.




they will


always keep the faith.